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    New Fizz City: The Metropolitan Zone

    New Fizz City stands as a shining beacon of hope and prosperity for the world of Fizzy Bubbles. Built on the shores of Cape Effervescence over two centuries ago, the city started root as a trading port which fell into great prosperity during the industrial revolution. The port town attracted...
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    GEN VI: Finishing off my Pokédex!

    I'm looking to finish the Gen VI National Dex in order to unlock the Shiny Charm and I just need the following. Need: Finneon Temporarily Need: These are Pokémon I just need to borrow to finish off my Pokédex. I promise I'll trade them straight back :P Can Offer: Anything not listed above...
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    My Starters =]

    I origionaly drew them but my scanner messed up so I decided to make them on the one and only art tool I have on my computer, Microsoft word. Autoshapes to be specific =] Name: Terratwig Type(s): Grass Species: Leaf Wing Height: 1'04 feet Weight: 11.4 lbs Evolutionary Method...
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    Nickname Changing Problems

    I recently changed my Nickname and shortly after I started to want my old one back. However, when I went on my control panel I could no longer change it back. Im guessing you cant change your nickname on a too frequent basis but I hate my new nickname!!!
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    Closing/Opening Registration Thread.

    Im just wondering how long registration will be closed for. Are we talking months? Weeks? I couldnt find much concerning this in the FAQ but I know you have too many members to tend. Do I wait until people leave before I try and register? In the past how long has registration been closed...
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    "Tweaking" Glitch

    Watch it here Apperently, bulbapedia says the glitch could be used to get unobtainable legendaries. Does anyone know if this is true? Does anyone atualy know the best places to preform the glitch?
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    Problems Making A Banner

    Ive been trying to make a banner with my favourite sugamori art pokemon. Everytime I add an image to my Background There is a Thick white Line around my pokemon. I know why this is happening but im wondering if there is a way I can fix this? By the way I use Photoshop.
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    First Ever Pokemon Advert In US

    Part 1 Part 2 Has anyone ever seen these before? I saw it and just thaught it was realy funny.
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    Larvitars IV's

    nature: adament hp: 30 attack:25 defence:11 sp.atk:1 sp.def:25 speed:28 what do you think about my larvitars iv's? do i need to go through a massive chain of breeding? I realy am inpaitiant and need to get on the competitive battling scene.
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    IV Breeding For My PKMN Needed?

    I just spent all weekend breeding porygon with dittos to get the one i wanted. Earlier today I found a Lv.15 Gabite with these IVs: HP: 1 Attack: 29 Defence:30 Sp. Atk:23 Sp. Def:26 Speed:26 Im just woundering weather this Gible needs breeding with 100's of dittos or weather it has a...
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    what are the towns in pokemon games named after?

    i know its colours in kanto in johto i think its plants have no clue in hoenn have no clue in sinoh so, can some please explain if the names are named after anything in perticular in gens 3-4.
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    How Can I Buy Pokemon Diamond

    about 2 months ago when i was moving some stuff around my bedroom and i found my old gameboy advance sp. in about ten minutes, i was playing on pokemon ruby like i did 3 years ago. i realy enjoyed playing again, since i havent been on it since i was 12. about a month later my pokemon were in...
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    Teach Larvitar Dragon Claw

    does anyone know how i can get a larvitar to know dragon claw? im sure i could somehow chain breed. ps: i already used the tm on a female flygon.
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    pokemopolis warrior on his salamence

    Shot at 2007-07-25 this is a warrior and his salamence in 3000BC at the time of pokemopolis im considering doing some fanfic on this guy but im not the best author. please tell me the good and bad on this but remember im only 14.