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Search results

  1. Presidian

    The Origo Project

    I spent my entire life here. I was born here. I was tortured here. I was mutilated here. I was created here. My name is Isidora, and this is how I came to be. I was born to two normal people: my parents, whom I never saw again. When I was born, the doctors told our parents we would die when...
  2. Presidian

    Private RP?

    I am interested in participating Private RPG with up to two other people. I usually like Sci-Fi / Pokémon RPGs and PMD RPGs, but I'm also completely open to others' suggestions ^^; I don't mean to offend anyone, but I would like experienced roleplayers to roleplay with. I like to write very long...
  3. Presidian

    KoD's World of G.I.M.P.

    Welcome to my lair~ >: 3 Before I do anything for you: Rules No Rushing Me No Reminders, I’m trying my best I can only do three tries per request. If you don’t like any of them, boo-hoo Use Request Forms only! You may post a small little comment on the bottom, but you must make a request in...
  4. Presidian

    CoD: It Goes On -Knight of Day-SpetsnazGuy-

    Here's our Characters: SpetsnazGuy's Mine Shall I post first, or you?
  5. Presidian

    Wailord Wars

    Roberto Kensington Captain 1000 Hours (10:00 am) In the harbor of Canalave City, Roberto Kensington sat in an office chair on the Rogue Angel. His feet were rested on his desktop, and his hands were comfortably rested behind his head. He looked out to the sapphire waves every now and then...
  6. Presidian

    Wailord Wars

    Wailord Wars Adapted from the Animal Planet Television Series "Whale Wars" Dedicated to Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Crew, and all of the Whales of the Southern Ocean Hundreds of miles south of the shores of Olivine City, Johto: innocent Wailmer and Wailord are being killed, processed, and sold...
  7. Presidian


    Kirstin sat in a chair of the auditorium where she would hold her class in a few minutes. She had brought a box of tissues, the list of people that were to take her class, and her only son: Hank. he was running up and down the rows of the auditorium, chasing "Blueberry", his Cranidos. Blueberry...
  8. Presidian


    ~Eternal~ “Kirstin, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine – like I’ve been for the last past five years. I’ll be home later today. Bye-…I love you too, Kirst’,” Roark said, driving a navy blue pick-up truck through the Oreburg mining area. “No you won’t! Can’t you just take one day off?” Roark’s...
  9. Presidian

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Endless Sea (Godzillawolf and Knight of Day)

    Based on the plot by Godzillawolf. We'll be using the same characters we had. Do you want to start? Lily List Red - Repels/Heals Fire Pokémon Orange - Repels/Heals Fighting Pokémon Yellow - Repels/Heals Electric Pokémon White - Repels/Heals Grass Pokémon Blue - Repels/Heals Water Pokémon...
  10. Presidian

    PMD: Adventure Quest

    Far outside Treasure Town, just outside of your hometown, you stop by at a Starter Shop. The Pokémon there asks you to fill out this form, and to pick from three of his/her Starter Boxes. Name: Age: Gender: Pokémon: (No legends, fossils, or Missingno, Dracowymsy, and other gpxplus Pokémon...
  11. Presidian

    Pokémon: Dreams' Destruction (Knight of Day, Instrutulis, and Jragonair)

    Well, no need to explain the plot. We'll each have a Champion (From Sinnoh or not) and a normal starting trainer.
  12. Presidian

    Star Wars: Temporal Quest (Godzillawolf and Knight of Day)

    After defeating Darth Legion, Alex, the first Time Traveling Jedi in the Galaxy, was sent out on many Time Traveling Missions with other Jedi Knights, padawan, and Jedi Masters. Alex's first ever solo-mission was finally assigned. It has now been three months since he had departed. A Jedi...
  13. Presidian

    PMD: The Futuristic Vision *Start Up*

    PMD: The Futuristic Vision In the 20th century of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world's existence technology and social living has advanced incredibly. Although...advancement has its negatives... A futuristic organization has traveled back from their time to the current (The year is 2010.)...
  14. Presidian

    PMD: The Futuristic Vision

    In the 20th century of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world's existence technology and social living has advanced incredibly. Although...advancement has its negatives... A futuristic organization has traveled back from their time to the current (The year is 2010.) All of their members and leaders...
  15. Presidian

    Star Wars: The Next Rise *Knight of Day and Flamealex1*

    ((I was going to put this in yellow, but it's too hard to read...)) Not only was Qui-Gon killed in the battle with Darth Maul, but Obi-Wan as well. Darth Maul and Sidious have began a war against the Galactic Republic. The creation of clones and droids has not been planned, and will most...
  16. Presidian

    Star Wars: Recruitment

    The Jedi Council has sent seven padawon into the battles of the Clone Wars. Equipped with an entire fleet of ships, and a squadron of Clones. The discovery of Dooko's new general has forced the Jedi to reform. New Jedi were needed greatly. General Adamunt's troops are advancing, and has...
  17. Presidian

    When do we plan to update?

    I'm just curious...and also, will it take a day to set up? Thanks, _Dark Knight
  18. Presidian

    .::Earth: The Bionic Age -Start Up-::.

    Alex sat atop a tall building, scanning the streets for five people of his interest. He opened his laptop, and opened satellite pictures of the five. He then closed it, and jumped down acrobatically.
  19. Presidian

    Earth: The Bionic Age

    In the year 2021, a group of advanced biotechnicians formed in the abandoned subway tracks beneath New York City. They stayed underground for years on end, figuring their massive problems with their many projects. These people, with the help of their minds and their tools, brought the human race...
  20. Presidian

    .::The Crumbling City Start Up::.

    Forest was waiting outside the Mayor's office. Torterra and Garchomp were standing calmly beside him. He sat down, and pulled out his Omnitool. It's lock pick glistened in the glow of the millions of light bulbs in the sky.