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    savantshipping (cilan x dawn) thread {spoiler}

    for anyone who's seen the the pokemon best wishes two trailer, you know that dawn comes to unnova. for anyone who has watched best wishes, you know that cilan and dawn have similar personalities. if anyone here thinks that cilan and dawn would make a cute couple, chat here. i had to make a...
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    is there any pokemon doujinshi that has no hentai,ecchi,yaoi, or yuri in it

    i'm looking for pokemon doujinshi but unfortunately they are all expiclicit yaoi or hentai. i don't want to be scarred for life.
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    who do you ship jimmy/gold with?

    no offence to anyone, but i'm creating this poll to see how many shippers here ship jimmy with someone elese besides marina. i'm not hating on questshipping,ok.
  4. C

    who do you ship iris with?

    i'm suprised this thread hasn't been made yet, so i'm making it
  5. C

    shippings that make you :lol:

    what pairngs do you support just because the idea of it makes you :lol:? i felt like making this thread just for fun. here's the ships i support just cuz' of the lolz. angie/zoey dento/drew harley/drew harley/dento iris/barry(initially the idea of this pairng made me lol but once...
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    Serviceshipping(Dento/Bel) discussion

    anyone like this pairng so far? so far in episode 13 of BW, Bel has shown honts of liking dento. Well i do, and here's some fanart links for this pairing http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=15246901 http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=13948904...
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    Who do you ship cynthia with?

    I'm curious to who bulbagardeners ship cynthia with. so i made this poll, and also this poll does contain some nevermetshippings.
  8. C

    10 characters game

    Just copy and paste the thing below, and follow the instructions ^_^ pick ten different characters from any show of your choice. your ten chracter don't have to all be from the same show/movie. also i recommend that you pick chracters of both genders. you can pick all guys or girls if you...
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    Katy's shop

    welcome to my shop. I can do recolors of sprite, sprite sillouttes,inverted sprites,splices on 2 pokemon(depending on the types),shipping sprites,avatars,banners, and manips. credit to me on the request would be appricated but not required, but please don't claim the requests as your own...
  10. C

    anyone here support Jimmy/Lyra

    Well i do, so i want to make a board dedicated to them. too bad there's like no fan videos or fan art for this ship. i hope i'm not the only neoquestshipper here.
  11. C


    what do you think about the idea of Barry and Iris being a couple. I'd think they'd be a good couple. don't get wrong i love negaishipping, but i like this ship too. iris and bary have a lot in common, which is why i think a relatonship would work out. does anyone else support this nevermet ship...
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    MockShipping- Paul/Ursula

    Mockshipping is the term given to the belief that you would like Paul (Shinji) and Ursula (Urara) to be involved in a romantic relationship if they met. If you like Mockshipping, then this is the place for you. Topics -Why do you support Mockshipping instead any of the other Paul...
  13. C


    I saw the first episode on yotube. don't worry i won't post the link to it moderators. i didn't understand what the chracters where saying since i don't speak japanese, but i did see that professor oak took a liking to Professor Araragi. So i've decided to make a board for this shipping...
  14. C

    BrunettShipping(Gary/May) thread

    I saw that their wasn't any thread for them so i decided to create one. here's some questions to start the discussion off. also i'll make a group for them if i don't find any, and i'll post links to gary/may videos, and fanart Why do you support Brunettshipping? I Prefer advanceshipping but...
  15. C

    who do you ship Paul with?

    I'm just curious on what Paul shippings that you guys support.
  16. C

    do you ship any pokemon crossovers

    I'm just wondering if there's any crossover ships with chracters such as ash,misty,may etc. that you like. here's my list of what pokemon crossovers i ship: 1.ash/wendy(i love this ship as mich as advanceshipping) 2.misty/jimmy neutron 3.brock/clover 4.brock/mandy 5.gary/clover...