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  1. V

    Bulbawiki site issues thread

    By default, your watchlist shows all edits made to your watched pages in the past 72 hours. You can change that, just under the "mark all pages read" button to "all" and you'll see everything.
  2. V

    NHL Lockout

    Sucks that the season will be locked out. Since the league was locked out in 2004-2005, I wonder, why does Bettman still have his job? Regardless, I still try not to look at the "political" side of hockey. In AHL cities such as mine (St. John's IceCaps), the hockey will be even better, so...
  3. V

    Bulbapedia not working?

    Don't restart your router for Bulbapedia, jesus. Just wait for it to get back to normal. It's been like that for the past 5 years and it will continue to be like that.
  4. V

    Would you name your kid after a Pokemon?

    This. Don't make your kids suffer.
  5. V

    Do you use X items?

    You're better off using the turn it takes to use them to attack.
  6. V

    the raeging lesbian's art thread.

    Lol, right on, guys.
  7. V

    the raeging lesbian's art thread.

    I hope you meant to make that spelling mistake. Or else, learn to spell before draw.
  8. V

    Does the Pocket Monsters franchise really need annual movies?

    They're just a money grab. How can you say that we NEED them when there are so many fillers every season? They could be fit into 3 episodes.
  9. V

    Why Doesn't the Pokemon Company Export DVDs or Merchandise to the UK

    Re: The Pokemon Company Hates The UK You can go to any Wal-Mart to get figures, cards, and DVDs. No country besides the USA and Japan will ever get a Pokemon Center. There is not enough demand. The ones in Washington will close down within a few years too, I'd imagine.
  10. V

    Pokémon toys coming to US Happy Meals: Includes several TCG cards

    Why is your grandfather buying happy meals?? That's what I wanna know.
  11. V

    Tweetboard (Twitter sidebar)

    Thanks, that thing was so annoying. I use Twitter for Twitter.
  12. V

    What video games are you playing now?

    Hyperdimension Neptunia since Sunday night. Picked it up from the post office on Saturday, the day before the PSN came back :D. Good timing.
  13. V

    What happened with Jigglypuff?

    If they brought it back now, most viewers probably wouldn't understand.
  14. V

    Bulbapedia MAD

    All right. I'm still trying to get a screenshot, but if I don't within the next day or so then I'll just add it anyway.
  15. V

    Official BMG Picture Thread Vol. 2

    No way, I think I saw a picture of you with a mask on once. Nothing more.
  16. V

    Bulbapedia MAD

    Yes, I will make sure it goes there. Do you know what episode it is? On Wikipedia, it says it's season 2 episode 3, but other sources tell me it's S02E09.
  17. V

    Official BMG Picture Thread Vol. 2

    Cute. You look quite a bit like I imagined :D. I am proud.
  18. V

    What wallpaper/background/desktop are you using now?

    I have a folder of about 30 or so anime wallpapers, and they automatically change every 5 minutes.
  19. V

    What's your Favorite Chocolate Bar?

    Mine's Cookies N Cream, yum.