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Search results

  1. M

    Bulbapedia forgot password help

    It has been a long time I logged into bulbapedia, I can not remember my password or email I had at the time. Can anyone help. My bulbapedia name is the same as my forum name.
  2. M

    Like Legend of Zelda, do you think they should relase an offical timeline?

    Every has always wondered about the timeline of the games. We have proof about some games but others we do not. Do you think Nintendo/Game Freak should release a official timeline?
  3. M

    Did you like how Isshu's name was handled?

    It was different in almost all languages. So I'm wondering if you liked how it was handled and are you happy that Kalos is staying the same in all languages? Also I can't not help that when I hear Kalos, I think of the name Carlos in a British accent.
  4. M

    What do you think Pokémon games are like in the Pokémon world?

    In any media for example the main series games. We see consoles and people playing games that talk about trading. What do you think? It's like a Pokéception.
  5. M

    Would you like to see more trainers from other regions in the leagues?

    Like Paul, Harrison and Ash there has to be more trainers that go to other regions. They probably appeared but were not acknowledged. Would you like to see more trainers from other regions in the leagues? Plus I think it would be cool to have another trainer from Kanto battle Ash in a league.
  6. M

    Do you think the Pokémon franchise has become unpredictable?

    I was thinking about how the games and the anime has changed. Many thought Hilda would be Ash's next traveling companion, people did not expect Generation V's region to based on New York City, a lot of fans did not expect Lyra would be the female choice in the Gold and Silver remakes and that...
  7. M

    If an episode could be remade, which and why?

    I've always wondered what it would be like if an episode got remade, like the first episode as an anniversary special.
  8. M

    If you could change the anime's animation style

    What would you change it to? I think it would be nifty if the anime went into the lines of Detective Conan, that would be different wouldn't? It can be from anywhere, American animation to Japanese. Type of person to a company.
  9. M

    Remastered episodes?

    Just curious, if the animators wanted to, would you like to see remastered episodes? With newly added scenes maybe?
  10. M

    So, are humans on Poké Earth human, animals or are they Pokémon?

    Scientist in our world have a mixed discussion that humans are considered as animals. Others do not, they consider us as a whole different group. So, are humans considered as just humans, or are they considered as Pokémon? Or are they animals? Real animals were seen in the early days of the...
  11. M

    How are you enjoying senior year, Class of 2011?

    For the seniors of 2011, how is your year going? I know some people have not started yet. I'm going into my 4th week of school already.
  12. M

    Out of all of the Pokémon, which would you pick as the mascot of the franchise?

    We all know that Pikachu is the mascot of the Pokémon franchise, and that Clefairy was originally going to be the mascot. There is currently over 500 Pokémon. If TPC or Nintendo was to randomly change the mascot of the franchise, which one would you pick and why? Sorry if there is a thread like...
  13. M

    Nintendo shuts down PokéNet?

    Anyone else hear this? And sorry if this is already a thread about it, I searched.
  14. M

    Do you ever look back at your old posts and

    ask "Why the hell did I write that?"
  15. M

    What were the villianous teams inspired from?

    Just wondering b/c I was reading about the Kantō-kai, and it made me think of Team Rocket. B/c they only last for about a year, and it was an organized crime. Like, where they inspired from real crime organizations?
  16. M

    Photo tag.......Bulbagarden style

    Tag your friends, users, yourselves, and you can post other images too. Just state the user and what they are.
  17. M

    Generation IV: It came, it saw, will it conquer?

    As we're near the end of the Sinnoh saga in the anime, and Generation V being released later this year. We went through DPPt and HGSS(soon in America). What are your thoughts about Gen IV? Was it great? Was it alright? Are you going to miss it? Do remember before Generation IV? Is it one of the...
  18. M

    Hand-colored cel animation or digitally colored animation

    Which one is your favorite, hand colored or digitally colored?
  19. M

    The creation of the Pokémon logo

    One of the most recognizable logos in the world. I always wonder who created the Pokémon logo. Did Japan created it or the U.S. Was there beta logos?
  20. M

    The storyline?

    What do you think the storyline will be?