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  1. Yun

    Sign Ups Terra Nova

    Terra Nova Skip to below the divider if you don't care about backstories. The world is a scary place: monsters roam free, technology's slowing advancement has not brought unification, and the untamed lands of the world are hostile and uncharted. This place, called Terra Nova, is where many tiny...
  2. Yun

    Notice Option To Roleplay Start Ups On Discord

    Hey there, RP section. After some deliberation, we've decided that it would be convenient to allow for the hosting of RP start ups on the Bulba RP Discord. Upon requesting for one to be made, you will have access to your own channel and all individual Discord members will be allowed to send...
  3. Yun

    Sign Ups Venn

    V E N N The Venn Court. A place where the mystical and the scientific meet. Since time immemorial, the world was always governed by forces beyond mortal control. Many, in the past, strove to figure out what made this world tick. Thus, we pushed ourselves into the scientific age. This...
  4. Yun

    Sign Ups Glory Row [Pokémon]

    GLORY ROW Welcome to Glory Row, a Pokémon RP. This, like the source material, revolves around the concept of using magical pets to beat up other people's pets to steal their money. You play a Trainer, and have all the things that come with being one. However, unlike the source material...
  5. Yun

    Start Ups With Great Power

    @Mad Max @Naoto @Prez @Ananfal @Midorikawa @Flaze A chat screen opened on the computers of the various individuals who logged on. This secure IRC-like channel, supposedly safe from the prying eyes of the government. Whatever the case was, the channel was now live, and people were able to...
  6. Yun

    Sign Ups With Great Power

    WITH GREAT POWER We're on the verge of a breakthrough, here. We have power - great power. Yet, some of us decided that we would use that power for terror; evil. These people need to be stopped by any means. We grew up reading about superheroes... now the world actually needs them. If you're...
  7. Yun

    Start Ups The Tower

    As was tradition, today was the day of the Ascension Festival. Held in a normally quiet, inconspicuous town on the First Floor, it was a ceremony celebrated the Chosen people to go up against that age-old enemy. For something as serious as this, it was actually quite, well, festive: filled to...
  8. Yun

    Sign Ups The Tower

    The Tower (Backstory here. Don't like, just skip it.) For most people, The Tower has always been there. Standing as a beacon, not quite a structure but a world that one inhabitated. Separated into "spheres" often called floors, each had everything you would expect of a world - a land, sea, and...
  9. Yun

    Start Ups Immortals: Second

    @Azuma @Rainomi @Flaze @Naoto @Alolan Ninetales @Prez @Rocket Queen @Midorikawa @HeroicSociopath @Harambe Newcomers were always welcomed with a sort of preternartural level of calm. Disconcerting as it could be for some, the Guardians understood that the people who came to Nouveau were where...
  10. Yun

    Sign Ups Immortals: Second

    Immortals What exists beyond the veil set by man and science? A universe of contradictions. Beings spoke of only as legend, who walk the Earth alongside you and I. The Divine and The Wicked, Gods and Demigods, demons and thralls; whatever you call them, they exist within the mortal populace...
  11. Yun

    Start Ups Genesis

    @Alolan Ninetales @Hanzo in Plain Sight @Prez @Flaze @Akame @WolfOwl @HeroicSociopath The city was rather bustling tonight. Being a Friday, people were out and about, ready to take the night by storm and have fun until the wee hours. Seeing people walking in and out of places was common at...
  12. Yun

    Sign Ups Genesis

    Genesis The world of Genesis is one that is essentially our own. There existed a numerous number of individuals who subsist in the world of normal humans with the power to control the forces of nature around them. They were a part of a supernatural world, created and run by them; however, they...
  13. Yun

    Start Ups Genesis

    @Kana-chan @Lone_Garurumon @Princess Leia Organa @Vanellope Von Schweetz @Moana @WolfOwl @Kamen_Fanatic @Snow White @Naoto Days always started in the same way; the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and the creatures of the Earth get ready for the day. At least, that's how the day...
  14. Yun

    Sign Ups Genesis

    Genesis We all hear stories about those heroes that defend the world from threats, get accolades for their achievements, and live as the beacons of public safety. Then, you have those unsung upholders of the law who, against all odds, save the day. TV is rife with those. It makes for good...
  15. Yun

    Start Ups With Great Power

    @Flaze @Kana-chan @MatrixChap @leetic @Silent Winter @Prez @Midorikawa @SpatiallyRendering @Kimono Dragon @Lyrebird @Infinity Storm @Isaac Gates What makes a person a hero? Was it having the power to do what was right? Or the will to try? Maybe both? Maybe heroes were just a myth; people with...
  16. Yun

    Sign Ups With Great Power

    With Great Power Co-run by the beautiful and talented @Crobatman, the creator of Let's Be Heroes. Make fun of the name and you're banned. (jk) The concept of superpowers have always excited the populace. From comic books to video games, everyone knows the iconic image of Superman's logo or...
  17. Yun

    Til Dawn [PRP]

    @Crobatman @Silent Winter The sun began to set on the city of San Ramon. The skyline was bright, and the people were preparing for yet another night. The town was more active now than it usually was, being in the midst of the summer season. People were out on the town, enjoying themselves...
  18. Yun

    MATURE: Creatio

    Here's one of those fic things that the cool kids write. This isn't exactly made to be some entirely serious endeavor; just something I can do in my spare time cause it's pretty cool to get your words out on a page. I'm setting this as Mature just in case something bad happens. I do plan on...
  19. Yun

    From Dusk

    @Silent Winter @Crobatman It was another morning; one not entirely different from others, really. Snow had gotten up to get started on her morning routine, stretching a bit before getting some coffee started. According to times since past, Old Earth had lots of coffee back then that were...
  20. Yun

    Notice RP Directory

    The RP Directory is the one-stop thread to find all active RPs in the section. Search through the list to find something that strikes your fancy. Newest RPs Clone Trouble: You and your friends's relationship has finally restores itself from the crumbling rubble that it was 2 years ago. But...