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Search results

  1. Shadao

    The Reason Why Pikachu Chosen to Be Ash's Starter

    A GameSpot Interview with Junchi Masuda reveals exactly why Pikachu was chosen to be the star of the Pokémon anime as Ash's partner, as well as why the Pikachu species was even in the Viridian Forest in the first place. Depending on what you believe, this might be surprising to some people or...
  2. Shadao

    Shadao's Pokémon Art Gallery

    Well, with the Blog section currently disabled, I have decided to post my recent Pokémon artwork here to bide the time. They were originally posted on my Tumblr account. A Postcard from a Certain Someone Revisiting Your Roots... I hope to post more of my artwork here in the near future...
  3. Shadao

    Pokémon HORIZON: The CoroCoro Sun & Moon Manga - Featuring Rockruff

    I'm sure you have heard the news about this new manga coming to CoroCoro. A Sun & Moon manga featuring a young boy named Akira going around the islands of Alola with his Rockruff. It is drawn by Tenya Yabuno, who also worked on Digimon (which is why our character looks the way he does)...
  4. Shadao

    Does anyone have a spare Mew code?

    It appears that the website hates me and did not check me for the Pokémon Newsletter email preference before June 1st (not helped by its unreliable and confusing profile set up). Which means I did not get a newsletter for June. Does anyone have a Mew code that they don't need?
  5. Shadao

    Help! I cannot post Pokémon Art Academy artwork directly on Miiverse.

    I have made artworks with Pokémon Art Academy and I normally post them through the in-game Miiverse function. But I have notice that other people have their artworks in the play journal and drawing sections. I have tried to directly go to these sections and post my artworks there but every time...
  6. Shadao

    A New Change in Serena's Character Design...

    While many people here have focus on today's episode or the previews featuring the next episode and New Year's Special, there's one interesting tibit that has gone under the radar, namely Serena's design. Unlike most, if not all the main characters, Serena's design has gone through notable...
  7. Shadao

    Review XY052: Ninja Arts Showdown! Gekogashira VS Gamenodes!!

    XY052 - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia The episode many have been waiting for since Froakie's debut.
  8. Shadao

    Hi there

    I am Shadao. Before I sign up as a member, I used to lurk here to find news and reviews of Pokémon by fans alike (mostly in the Anime section). I have decided to join Bulbagarden because I think it would better to participate in the community than simply lurk around. I hope I'll have a fun...