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  1. Desdar300

    Will the anime be able to overcome this strife?

    We all know that Ash lost the Kalos league to Alain, but you might not know is how bad the backlash is. I know many may hand-wave and say "this is nothing new" but I've never seen Hype backlash quite this big for any past league finale. It's gotten so bad that even one of the writers had to come...
  2. Desdar300

    Would a complete reboot hinder your enjoyment of the anime?

    This is something I've seen people go back and forth on when it comes to the anime but it seems to have gotten worse with XYZ. So hypothetically speaking, if TPC decide to do a start fresh with the Sun and Moon version of the anime with an all new cast of characters and a brand new environment ...
  3. Desdar300

    Will Ash win this time around?

    As a guy who more or less jumped out of the anime ship right before BW started. I must say that XY Ash along with this season in general has been a really nice mix up like actually giving him a fully evolved Water Starter amongst other things. That said XY though highly praised in the West is...
  4. Desdar300

    Was Origins really any good?

    I remember when Origins was first announced the fandom and world lost it. XY as a whole was already the most talked about thing from Nintendo in 2013 and this huge surge of nostalgia added to it! It was advertised as a series for older fans that grew up with the original games which only...
  5. Desdar300

    Do you think the anime will showoff AZ?

    We all know that AZ's story was pretty dark for Pokémon standards but it was pretty vital to XY's plot. Now, do you'll feel that the anime will tackle this part of the game or will the writers deem it far to dark for the show? Perhaps will they just water it down?
  6. Desdar300

    How would you feel if Pokemon could talk in-game

    After seeing the preview of next week's Pokémon XYZ it got me thinking. What if Pokémon in the main-series games could talk ? I personally think that allowing the Pokémon to communicate via some in-game mechanic is a good idea because it'll flush out the Pokémon a lot more if we could...
  7. Desdar300

    If Ash could have a Legengary Pokemon what would you give him?

    I'd like to see Latias as she would be powerful but not too uber compared to other Legends. Hoopa would be hilarious too just for all the mayhem that would occur.
  8. Desdar300

    What's going on with Ash and Greninja?

    So I'm sure most of us can agree that the XY&Z Opening was amazing but it revealed something really interesting that I myself didn't catch at first. It seems that Greninja was looking down on Ash almost like he was disgusted by him or something and eventually left him. I've seen a theory...
  9. Desdar300

    If you could redo one of Ash's reginal teams what would you give him?

    Sometimes I get the feeling that the writers could've chosen better Mons for Ash to use. Whether it's because I think they fit him or because I dislike the ones they went with for. So decided to make this random thread to give my personal changes and to see what you guys would change as well...
  10. Desdar300

    Which of Ash's older Pokemon dserve Redemption?

    We all know that the anime from time to time has a awful case of missed opportunity and that shows with how some of Ash's Mons are treated by the writers. So, let's the Pokémon that we want to come back and get a second chance in the limelight in a future series or arc! 1.Torterra- the poor butt...
  11. Desdar300

    Why didn't the writers give Ash a Lucario?

    Lucario is by far the most non Gen 1 Pokémon known to the general Public and TPC\Nintendo groomed him to be that way. He was given a movie, made a powerful Pokémon in-game, and received a spot in SSB so why didn't the anime's writers never attempt to give Ash a Riolu and have it become one of...
  12. Desdar300

    What do you think Ash Greninja is?

    Okay this thing is the hardest curve ball the anime has ever thrown at us and I for the life of me can't figure out what sort of evolution method this might be. Is it a new mega evolution variant? Is it going to be a anime only thing? How on earth is all this going to translate game-wise?
  13. Desdar300


    After years of lurking I finally decided to join up! I hope we can all be friends!