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    Serena's goal : What do you think it is?

    Could they be hiding it? I'd like to think some thing like contests, what do you guys think?
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    Are we sure Ash doesn't just travel alone?

    We've seen a lot of promos with just Ash and Pikachu, what if he only meets up with these guys in the poster every now and than? Was it confirmed in the Smash preview that these guys would be his traveling companions?
  3. A

    Serena: Rival or travel companion?

    What do you guys think? Been seeing a lot of debates over this, we've gotten nothing about her yet other than what shey'll look like in the anime now. Are they trying to surprise us cuz of a new goal? I can't remember If they did that with May. I think she's going to be traveling with him...
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    Good-Bye Dento and Iris thread: Will miss you!

    Any last words before they leave?
  5. A

    Axew: Why didn't Iris use it more?

    Wasn't it Iris first Pokemon?
  6. A

    Ash x Alexa thread

    Any takers? I know I'm not the only one who ships them here :)
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    Which X & Y girl are you going to ship Ash with?

    X & Y is right around the corner, I'm curious if any ones already found some one they want Ash withXD
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    Are you happy they replace characters?

    Some times like this series I am, other times like with May or Dawn I'm not. Its a mix bad for me, I'm curious about what every one else feels, thanks =]
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    So, I guess Team Rocket is just used to Ash's friends switching around like that?

    They act like nothings new these days whenever they meet his friends every series.
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    Who's smarter: Pikachu or Meowth?

    To me, Meowth always seemed smarter with his genius ideas and working of technology. Pikachu is smart in his own ways but..What do you guys think on this?
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    Why didn't they change Dawn or Team Rocket's animation?

    They left them the same yet changed how Ash looked in BW series, I don't get it. Also, do you think they'll change it back next series?
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    Team Rocket: Leave or stay next series?

    I think they'll be staying, as you can see they switch serious to comical next moment whenever they want. What do you guys think?
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    Do the writers just love Iris? {Spoilers}

    I'm not trying to start bashing Iris, I'm just curious why they keep having her win? I don't recall her ever loosing. Let me know if this belongs in the Iris character thread k?
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    Ash/N shipping thread

    I forget the name of this pairing, can any one help me out here? I know they haven't meet yet, this would be in the never meet pairing I guess unless it happens some time at the end of Best Wishes 2. Any one else like this? One of my favorite Yaoi pairings. I've done a few fanfictions on this, I...
  15. A

    Does this mean Ash will be catching {Spoilers}

    The Riolu? Iris seems to be catching that Dragonite which was on the poster behind her right? Does this mean Ash will be catching a Riolu now?
  16. A

    Ash/Cynthia shipping thread

    I don't care about the age difference, latley I've been loving there interactions. Any one else been liking this? That was just the first episode of Best Wishes 2, I think they are cute together ^
  17. A

    AshxMeloetta {Spoilers}

    Meloetta is a new Pokemon whos going to be traveling with Ash and the gang in Best Wishes 2, in her bio it says shes in love with Ash. I think its cute and like the pairing, any one else? I know we've got a couple of episodes left till we get to Best Wishes 2 but this isn't the first pairing to...
  18. A

    Is Paul going to come back?

    You'd think the tournament would be the perfect timing to bring this guy back.
  19. A

    Raimeishipping - AshxElesa shipping thread

    The preview had me liking the idea, any one else up for the idea? Elesa is the up coming gym leader. Just go click on the preview to see what I'm talking about.
  20. A

    Is this really the end of the Meowth arc? {Spoilers}

    I think theres more to this than meets the eye, Meowth betrayed them blah blah blah. From what it looked like, he felt semi bad about betraying them. I could see this as an emotional ride for him maybe, it'd be intresting if Pokemon did this with him. Why else would they give him his old...