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    savantshipping (cilan x dawn) thread {spoiler}

    for anyone who's seen the the pokemon best wishes two trailer, you know that dawn comes to unnova. for anyone who has watched best wishes, you know that cilan and dawn have similar personalities. if anyone here thinks that cilan and dawn would make a cute couple, chat here. i had to make a...
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    ~Hetalia Shipping~

    yup i ship us/mexico too. i also ship romano/ireland(if ireland is a she), israel/palestine(just kidding),and india/israel
  3. C

    ~Hetalia Shipping~

    does anyone support shippings with a country in hetalia with another country not in hetalia?
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    Preview BW067: Fukiyose Gym Air-Battle! Challenger Dento!?

    i wonder if skyla has a crush on cilan?
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    Who do you ship Ash with thread 2

    why fave ash shipping at the moment is ash and mmadoka kaname
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    ~Hetalia Shipping~

    i'm not a big fan of this series but i like engsey, aushun,romhun,pruhun, spabel, romabel, romasey(idk why though),jatai,norbel,swissbel,seawy, and denbel
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    Re: AdvanceShipping Nation i can so see him doing that too, lol. he'd probaly buy friensdship braclets for misty,dawn,iris,brock, and gary too
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    AlexandrianShipping anybody?

    i like this coupling
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    Which Ship has the best chance of becoming canon?

    here's my opinion of what ships exists
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    Hints from opposing ships you'll admit are plausible

    here's my opinion on what ships(one-sided or two sided) exist with some of the main characters in pokemon. mods, if this post doesn't belong here, then delete this post
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    Guess the Screenshot!

  12. C

    Who do you ship Cynthia with?

    i ship cynthia with lance
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    AlexandrianShipping anybody?

    Re: alexandrian shipping can i join, i support this pairng
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    Re: AdvanceShipping Nation here's some cool advance fan videos i found(btw i haven't been on this site for a while) ♥AdvanceShipping♥ ---Remember When♪ - YouTube Taken up time . - YouTube Love Like Woe! 8D // Collab Part - YouTube 100+ Subs! ♥ - YouTube Waking up to your Sunset ♥...
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    is there any pokemon doujinshi that has no hentai,ecchi,yaoi, or yuri in it

    i'm looking for pokemon doujinshi but unfortunately they are all expiclicit yaoi or hentai. i don't want to be scarred for life.
  16. C

    Shooti x Langley

    they would make an interesting couple
  17. C

    Review BW041: Climactic Don Battle! Emonga VS Dageki!!

    one new thing i learned about bel, she has no sense of personal space
  18. C

    who do you ship jimmy/gold with?

    wow, there's other jimmy/may shippers here besides me i support jimmy/lyra jimmy/may gold/sapphire gold/yellow ethan/dawn ethan/leaf ethan/may
  19. C

    who do you ship jimmy/gold with?

    no offence to anyone, but i'm creating this poll to see how many shippers here ship jimmy with someone elese besides marina. i'm not hating on questshipping,ok.
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    WTF names in the Pokemon Anime

    those names sound really weird too