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    For Trade: Aloan Vulpix with HA 4EM and Pokérus

    Heh, it's been a while since I've been back here. Anyway... I have Aloan Vulpix in Luxury Balls available with five 31-point individual values; their hidden ability, Snow Warning; Timid natures; the egg moves: Freeze-Dry, Moonblast, Hypnosis and Encore; as well as Pokérus. The counts I have...
  2. V

    Vixana's Edge of Reason [Gen VI]

    Hello. My name is Vixana, and this is my shop thread which I have dubbed "edge of reason". My shop is primarily focused on my breeding projects, to share pokémon of unreasonably high quality. I know, not too much of an introduction, but I don't want to delay you from why you came here too much...