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  1. chimera


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YpHgWGsMIQ Hello, Bulbagarden! I'm not very active anymore, but since this AMV of mine is Pokemon-related I thought I'd like to share it! (if this is the wrong place to post this go ahead and move it) The song is "Nicotine" by Panic! At The Disco (warning for...
  2. chimera


    (It's been almost two years since I've traded here, so I apologize if I'm doing anything wrong; please feel free to correct me!) I'm trying to complete my SoulSilver PokéDex and since Tropius isn't available in SS (and I've lost my PokéWalker haHA fml), I'd highly appreciate it if someone could...
  3. chimera

    If the user above wrote a novel...

    Based on their avatar/signature/etc., what would its title be/what would it be about? Since the user above me doesn't exist, their novel would presumably be blank.
  4. chimera

    When nicknaming your Pokemon...

    When you nicknamed your Pokemon in the pre-Gen V games, would you completely capitalize their nicknames (i.e. "FLUFFY") or would you only capitalize the first letter (i.e. "Fluffy")? I do both.
  5. chimera


    Is your penmanship neat? Or is it messy? Mine is terrible. :p
  6. chimera

    What kind of rival would you like to see in the future?

    I was thinking about this recently. What kind of personality would you like a future rival to have?
  7. chimera

    "NO, I'M NOT" game

    The opposite of the "YES I AM" game. It works like this: User A: NO, I'M NOT... User B: *posts something that is not true about User A* Since there's nobody above me... NO, I'M NOT...
  8. chimera

    What was your first word?

    Didn't see a thread for this; if there is, then merge it or whatever. So, what was the first word you said since you were born? My first word was "Bippy." I was trying to say my cat's name but ended up horribly failing.
  9. chimera

    Favorite Trainer Animation

    I didn't see a thread for this, so I decided to make one. My favorite animation is Koga's. The first time I saw it, I thought the game had gone glitchy and he wasn't there. ^^; Another one would be Barry's.
  10. chimera

    Episodes that you can't stand to watch

    I can't stand watching Tactics Theatrics!! for obvious reasons.
  11. chimera

    Contest Leer vs Tail Whip

    Cityvillain gave me this idea. Thanks, dude! It's the battle of the lame Defense-lowering moves! Which one is more useful? Which one has better animation? Which one is your favorite? I'm going with Tail Whip, because whipping your tail is obviously the best idea for an attack ever.
  12. chimera

    Most annoying NPC

    I sincerely hope that Youngster Joey finds a hungry Salamence in his bed someday.
  13. chimera

    Worst loss in the Battle Frontier/Subway

    I was beaten by a Clamperl and a Volbeat. You can imagine how happy that made me.
  14. chimera

    Stupidest nickname you ever gave to a Pokemon

    I nicknamed my Kingler "Mr. Krabs." Then I realized Mr. Krabs was a girl.
  15. chimera

    Least accurate use of a move in the anime

    Many moves such as Fire Spin are shown as being extremely powerful in the anime, and other moves seem to have a completely different effect then they do in the games. So, what in your opinion is the least accurate use of a move in the anime and why?
  16. chimera

    Unfitting cries?

    Try to stay away from pre-Gen III Pokemon, as many of them had nearly identical cries. For instance, I thought Poochyena would have a cry that sounded like a dog, but instead it sounds like a pig. And I don't see why Palkia's cry sounds like an old man with a sore throat being tortured. =/
  17. chimera

    Original Iron Tail or BW Iron Tail?

    Which version of Iron Tail do you prefer, the glowing white version that was used until the end of DP or BW's version, which looks closer to an actual tail made of iron? I personally prefer the original version. I thought it was pretty cool how Pikachu's tail seemed to stretch near the end of DP.
  18. chimera

    Pokemon that scare you, but wouldn't usually be considered frightening

    If there's already a thread like this, you can close it or whatever. What the title says. Is there a Pokemon who others might consider cute, but you find creepy? Me? Tympole. It's a tadpole... with a human face.
  19. chimera

    How do non-players of Pokemon pronounce it?

    I was wondering this. Of course, lots of people say "Pokeymanz" on the Internet, but what about in the real world? How do your relatives, your friends, etc. pronounce it? I hope there isn't an existing thread for this. Well, my sister has a tendency to stress the "e" a little too much. So she...
  20. chimera

    Hi people

    Hi, I'm Raizhu. I came here to talk to/meet other Pokefans. I'm not really familiar with this kind of thing, but I guess I'll read the rules and learn. :D Does anybody here like Raichu? WTF I WAS SUCH A NOOB.