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  1. AceTrainer14

    EVERYONE: United We Stand (Non-Poke / TTTE)

    United We Stand Last year, the North Western Railway turned 100 years old. It was a time of great celebration for the island: Thomas, the first engine purchased for the railway, turned 100 as well, while Skarloey and Rheneas celebrated their 150th birthdays. The year also marked 70 years since...
  2. AceTrainer14

    WORLDBUILDING: Visual Inspiration

    Often when I read fan fiction, one common thing I end up wondering is: what does this world look like? It's something I always think about when writing myself, and I love to have a world painted for me when I'm reading. I thought it might be a fun idea if people shared some of the real world...
  3. AceTrainer14

    TEEN: Dreams That You Dreamed (Ch. 7)
    Threadmarks: The Golden Hour

    Banner by @canisaries Pua Kealoha dreams of a life beyond the confines of his small Alolan town and their repressive way of living. When a string of newcomers arrive in town, he is suddenly presented with a gateway to the outside world. As his newfound freedom clashes with those around him, Pua...
  4. AceTrainer14

    DISCUSSION: Writing Minority Characters

    I am currently in the midsts of writing a new story set in Alola. It seemed logical that the island's inhabitants should take some inspiration from its real world equivalent, so the main character and many supporting characters will be my world's version of Pacific Islanders. However, being...
  5. AceTrainer14

    Changes Up Top

    Greetings all! This is an announcement about the future of the Workshop. No need to worry though - as our Poké brethern have taught us, when it comes to evolutions, things always get bigger and better! As some of you may have noticed me discussing in the General Chat, I am going on a big...
  6. AceTrainer14

    Summer Awards 2017 Winners List

    Hello everyone! Get your dancing shoes on everyone: after a long, gruelling month of judging, we finally have the winners, so it's time to celebrate! As I teased early in the season, we decided to introduce a new method to increase the number of winners we have. In the judged categories with...