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Search results

  1. EzloSpirit

    EzloSpirit's Original Short Fiction Collection (content ratings vary)

    Hey, there! I've been writing short fiction since I was 13, and as of summer 2020, I have written 23 original short stories. The older stuff is kind of garbagey, so what I'm going to do here is post my existing works in reverse chronological order (with two exceptions, as I have written two sets...
  2. EzloSpirit

    Your Egg hatched into EzloSpirit!

    (Apologies for the really awkward thread title lol.) Hi, Bulbapeople! I'm EzloSpirit, though most people call me Ezlo, even though I'm not a talking hat; I'm also known as Eden to those who are in the know (like you, now)! I've been a Pokémon fan for two decades, and this is the only second...