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  1. M

    What is your sexual preference? (Polled version)

    As I said in the other one, I'm a transexual bisexual female. Although I do tend to lean more towards the female persuasion. I'm also very promiscuous and open and rather suck at emotional relationships with people.
  2. M

    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread

    Peanut butter cookies and milk. =D From a bakery, too! ^^
  3. M

    What does your name mean?

    First Name: Victoria Middle Name: Lacey Last Name: Harlette Not found there because I made it myself. ...I think? Last I checked, when googled, I'm the only one to come up. Cause that's what I changed my name to. (...Or will change it to, legally.) It's meaning, well... Say it out loud and...
  4. M

    The World Beyond Revamp comments thread

    I like this skin, but then again I like things rather dark'ish. I might change the whole forum to this skin. XD
  5. M

    What is your sexual preference?

    I'm a bisexual girl. But I'm also transexual. I'm a bit femme and tomboyish in one, haha. I prefer sexy over cute. But I still like cute in others.
  6. M

    Voltorb Flip or Slots?

    I prefer voltorb flip. After finding out some tricks from a friend, it's a breeze and I can easily get to level 5. A lot easier to get coins without breaking the bank.
  7. M

    Anime finding help?

    All I can say is that google is your best friend. I've seen some groups do subs for the recent eps, but the seed/peer ratio isn't that awesome. And... that's about it. I mostly read the manga. ^^;
  8. M

    HannaFalkCross' Sprite Shop (Closed)

    Re: Ashy-boy's Banner and Sprite Shop~ Dude! That's perfect! Thanks so much! =D I like the designs you made, too. ^^ And no worries, I can remove the bg myself. XD I can at least do that much. I can't sprite, but I can make sig banners and wallpapers. XD Also; We'll totally make you...
  9. M

    HannaFalkCross' Sprite Shop (Closed)

    Re: Ashy-boy's Banner and Sprite Shop~ Here's something to hone your skills. 2 sets of Gym Badges (2 sets of 8, that is)- They can look however you want, as long as they fit inside Trainer Cards. Although I suppose the colors of the badges can vary. I know this'll take a while, so I can wait...
  10. M


    Thanks! A rather active forum. =O I'll be active for a while and post in places I suppose. =O
  11. M


    I joined mostly cause I'm looking for someone to do something. I can't promise I'll be like uber active, but I'll probably post occasionally because I prefer lurking. ^^; I do rather like Pokemon though. I have Plat, Pearl, and HeartGold. Is it just me, or do other people fall asleep when...