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Search results

  1. TouyaShiro

    Speculation What's this prism-looking white silhouette?

    View: https://twitter.com/jgreen_jr/status/898533464303185921 (Thanks to @ErikNguyen912 for posting it back in the Trailers discussion thread and @Rosalia R for pointing out that there's a clearer image of it on the background of the main website.) So this thing is seen in the background in...
  2. TouyaShiro

    Mental thoughts: Being burnt out from the Pokémon franchise and the community

    Do you ever feel like, despite being part of the Pokémon community, you find yourself just burnt out of all the possible discussion to the point where you've already said everything that you want to say, and nothing new or interesting comes that would motivate you to rejoin the discussion? I'm...
  3. TouyaShiro

    (Re)defining Special, Legendary & Mythical Pokémon (Sun & Moon spoilers!)

    So, as we all know, Legendary Pokémon exist everywhere in the Pokémon universe. From Mewtwo to Xerneas, Cosmog to Zapdos, and everything in between, there's a wide variety of powerful Pokémon from all regions considered to be Legendary Pokémon. Some people don't like them, some people do, and...
  4. TouyaShiro

    I'm a little worried about Pokémon Bank.

    The wording on the official site says this about transfers. I swear, if this means that Game Freak are making one-way transfers a thing again... I'll be flipping my computer desk. Which is not easily flipped. Edit: I should have clarified what I meant by this. ORAS introduced forms, items and...
  5. TouyaShiro

    I have returned from 2013!

    Given that I've been itching to discuss with people at length about Pokémon news, especially with its 20th Anniversary and the Magiana bombshell drop, I've decided to return after a long time of not logging into these forums - changing my username from "Wishmaker Jirachi" to "TouyaShiro" to put...
  6. TouyaShiro

    Pokédex 3D Pro/Pokédex iOS - Discussion and AR Viewer Picture Thread

    Latest updates: POKÉMON ZUKAN for iOS was announced recently for Japan! It went live on November 16th and it's ¥170 for the Unova Region Pokémon and main app, minus Meloetta and Genesect. The rest of the Pokédex can be obtained by packs for each set of Pokémon, and they cost ¥500 each -...
  7. TouyaShiro

    Thanks to the emotes window, this is the third time I've had to type this up

    First of all, keep this in mind when looking at my posts: I have Asperger's Syndrome. So sometimes I say stupid things, just kindly point it out and I'll try to remember it for the future. Now that that's out of the way, Hello! I'm Wishmaker Jirachi! If you want to know if you've seen me...