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Search results

  1. Parma

    Mafia Dangan Ronpa: War Room Mafia - Endgame - 1/30/15

    Dangan Ronpa: War Room Mafia You have agreed to the rules of the game. This is a Paperhorse and Parma production. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udecXI4AzuM The trip had started like every normal one. A large group of people boarded a boat to a secret Island. Nobody but them knew its...
  2. Parma

    Mafia Mafia Wars: The Scum Menace - Endgame - Town/Independent Win

    This is a game in which a selected pool of characters have been fashioned into either Heroes or Villains. Which side is going to win? You, in part, shall decide this game's ultimate fate. Hosts: Parma, Paperhorse, Zenax...
  3. Parma

    System change for the War Room

    Hi. Previously, we had opened a thread in which both keeping the cap/queue and the elimination of said system were discussed. After both taking the poll's results into account and pondering further adjustments, a conclusion has been reached. Starting now both the queue and cap will be no...
  4. Parma

    A new moderator has appeared!

    We are pleased to announce that Master Mew is now a moderator for the War Room. He has worked hard in both playing and hosting here and has shown valuable leadership skills. You may welcome him accordingly.