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    Does anybody use (a) durant(s)?

    Just doing this out curiosity. I have yet to see anybody in the fandom to use one in their main and/or alt teams, or in any way besides battling. I personally don't like it at all, mostly because of the design. I do like the idea of a bug/steel dual type, just something more appealing than...
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    Most annoying battle?

    In-game. No Wi-Fi battles, please. For me, the battle with Ghetsis. I'm pretty sure we all know why. Freakin' underleveled balanced moveset Hydregion...
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    Little edit I made

    (Is this the right place?) Spent about 2 hours of my night doing this little edit of a picture I liked. I wouldn't exactly call it a signature, but hey. It's something I'm proud of. It looked better without the watermark, but I don't trust everybody on the internet to not steal it...
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    What would you say is the easiest shiny pokemon to get?

    Or the hardest? Just your pure opinion and thoughts. Since I want good detailed reasons, and the options are somewhat endless, this is not a poll. Red Gyrados doesn't count, unless you got it naturally. Anyways, time for the fun part. I'll say Unown for the easiest. They're already chained, and...
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    Have you ever had a bad egg?

    Since we had a coule Pokerus topic here and there, why not one for the bad eggs? Bad eggs are space eating egg slipped in by GameFreak since Gen III. They're space eaters because bad eggs don't hatch, and you can't release unhatched eggs. The eggs was used to punished hackers who hacked RSE...
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    Who do you ship Lyra with?

    We had one for Misty, May, and Dawn. Our second gen IV girl need some attetion. Yes she's from Gen IV shut it up the front door. For games and anime Lyra only, I have my reason for not counting Crsytal. Since I only ship her in the games, my list is short: SoulSilver GreenBadge Lyra/Red...
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    Contest Cleffa vs. Iggybuff

    VS. 'Cause I don't have the slightest idea who can learn stronger attacks in-game. I say Cleffa, judging that Iggybuff can't learn Hyper Voice.
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    Who do you ship Barry with?

    Thread please have replies for my secound favorite rival I need more people to ship Barry with besides Dawn, Twinleaf, Lucas, Cligny, and Leaf, HerbalCoffe. Hit me with with you're best shot, for both the Anime!Barry and Games!Barry. You can throw in some Pearl for all I ever care.
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    *insert introduction here*