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Search results

  1. K

    Which pokemon game did you have the most fun with?

    Which pokemon did u simply have the most fun with? why it gave you so much enjoyment? i loved emerald version i had more fun with it than any pokemon game ive ever played i had it for 2 years before i got my second pokemon game
  2. K

    March madness!

    who do u hope makes the tourney? who do u think will win? you can discuss college basketball here go UK!
  3. K

    The Ash gets beat thread

    its always sad and dissapointing but it always helps ash get better your favorite memories of when ash fights well but falls up short personally i remember him and brandon aka torkoal vs registeel man what a fight
  4. K

    Contest Brendan vs Lucas

    which character is cooler in the games to use personally i prefer brendan
  5. K

    If you created a pokemon game

    Would you make new region? If so would you also create new pokemon? New characters? Or use a previous region? What Pokemon would be on the cover?