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Search results

  1. Tood

    Character ages in Pokémon Games

    These three have canon ages: Rowan is 60, Birch is 35, Cyrus is 27 (No idea what he did to look so bad) I've assumed that most of the protagonists are 11-12 years old, aside from the gen 5 and 6 ones, who look more like they are in their mid-teens. I assume the same for the corresponding...
  2. Tood

    Character ages in Pokémon Games

    According to the news channel in ORAS, Professor Birch is 35. Since he and Norman apparently knew each other from their school days, I'd assume Norman is around the same age. Early thirties makes sense. Anime artstyles are always super vague with ages. I can't even accurately guess ages in real...