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    Advanceshipping General Discussion

    Re: AdvanceShipping Nation me and guy above ROK!!!!!
  2. P

    GamesSpot reports Black and White will be at E3

    cool i hope they reveal new pokemon and english names
  3. P

    Locked thread cleanup.

    Re: Should the Gen 5 games come with the Pokewalker? yes
  4. P

    The rival(s).

    a psychotic female rival that acts emo LOL
  5. P

    The general Pokemon League / end of Sinnoh / Generation V thread

    Ash makes it in the top ten,goes back to pallet to fight garys gen5 pokemon and meets back up with brock in the new region which he once again fails to become champion of
  6. P

    Pikachu's fluctuating strength

    Re: Ash's Pikachu? that makes plenty of since with Ashs money and why pikachu usually loses its 1st few battles in each region of course if it was planned that way
  7. P

    Pikachu's fluctuating strength

    Re: Ash's Pikachu? pokemon international just tries to make people think pikachu is beast by immediately raising him from level1 to level100
  8. P

    Types of Transportation in Black and White...

    I agree with skateboards and hoverboards.
  9. P

    Black and White = The End of Pokemon?

    I hope not but for now we won't 100% know
  10. P

    New Evolution Methods in B/W?

    ghost eeveelution through dawn stone rock one through hard stone trade steel one through metal coat trade fighting one through lucky punch ground one through soft sand dragon one through dragon fang bug one level up in a forest flying one through shiny stone and like arceus ??? one through...
  11. P

    Rumored Pokémon and Prediction Thread

    Re: What new "kinds" of Pokemon do you predict? Guess:wasp(bug/electric)=random but kinda cool chipmunk(normal) armadillo(ground) more generic fish(various) anteater(normal) chinchilla(normal) condor(normal/flying) guinea pig(normal)...
  12. P

    Zorua/Zorark English name.

    It could be Lorua and Loroark
  13. P

    [Theory] All Regions will appear in Fifth-Gen

    I started a similar thread and others said it was worthless but I totally support the idea it would rock to play such a difficult and interesting game
  14. P


    the past regions should be featured in black and white
  15. P

    White/Black = Terrible Names?

    the names ROCK
  16. P

    Pikachu's fluctuating strength

    Re: Ash's Pikachu? they do it to keep the anime on tv longer
  17. P

    Version Exclusives

    and teddiursa's oops
  18. P

    Version Exclusives

    sorry about arbok's name
  19. P

    Version Exclusives

    I think BLACK:murkrow,honchkrow,seviper,sableye,ekans,arbok,poocheyna,mightyna,lunatone WHITE:misdreavus,mismagius,zangoose,mawile,teddiursa,ursaring,riolu,lucario,solrock
  20. P

    White/Black = Terrible Names?

    The names R COOL!