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    (>O_o)> Beeb's Image Shoppe <(o_O<) [UPDATED] Now with sprites!

    [UPDATED] Now with sprites! Herro! (‐^▽^‐) I'm beeb, and I do signatures, banners, avatars, hanko stamps, and some spriting: recolours, splices, pokemon eggs, pokeballs, and re-types! A note about my graphics: I have a hanko stamp I use on all my signatures. A hanko stamp is used in Japan...
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    ahh so this is where the intro threads are . . . .

    Bakka Genbeeb! (>w<);; Anyways, nice to meet you all! I <3 Bulbapedia and figured I should join the forums. . . also I'm breeding pokes and need people to dump them off on . . . >.> I've been playing pokemon since red/blue came out, but the recent white/black versions have re-invigorated...