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Search results

  1. Lluksonak

    An Uninteresting Gallery of Pokemon!

    Hey guys! Lluksonak here, gonna show you guys some of my (attempts)at drawing Pokemon. Basically, I go to the Pokemon's page here on Bulbapedia and attempt to put it on paper(if that's ok?) I'll start off with the Hoenn starters!
  2. Lluksonak

    Preview XY Episodes 47-50+

    Some previews came out showcasing some of the revealed episodes, and.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oizngjbAxM
  3. Lluksonak

    What move(s) you'd like to see in the anime?(Or again?)

    And what do you think it'd look like? Or which move would you want to see again rendered in the new CGI? I'd like to see the move Return in the anime, mainly 'cause Frustration was nearly shown...anyway I think Return would be the user glowing blue, and getting more blue depending on its bond...
  4. Lluksonak

    The First Starter You've Picked For Each Generation?

    Don't know if there was a thread for this(looked up starter, etc.) and none of the results have this topic :P So, uh..remakes don't count(unless you didn't play the original) so er yeah.. Red: Charmander Silver: Cyndaquil Emerald: Treecko Platinum: Chimchar Black: Oshawott Black 2...
  5. Lluksonak

    Review S17 EP31: The Cave of Trials!

    XY031 - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia Since there was no review thread(close this if it was going to be up anyway and you guys got held up on something. @Admins)
  6. Lluksonak

    UK Airing dub episodes early

    So, as some of us know, the UK has been airing english episodes 2-4(or more) weeks earlier than the US is, are they stopping after this week? If not, does that mean the english dub of the Diancie movie will air that early aswell?
  7. Lluksonak

    If you were to be a COTD in the anime

    What would be your Pokemon team? Would your character battle Ash or one of his friends? Or help them against TRio? Maybe both? What will be your Battle Style? What saga would your character appear in? My team? A Pidgeot, Exploud, Magnezone, Salamence, Feraligatr, and Infernape. If my...
  8. Lluksonak

    Oh hai durr..

    Er, hai, name's kanoskull o.o Just another d00d who watches the Pokemon anime and plays the games(haven't touched the XY games) Was introduced to Pokemon watching my cousin's VCR tapes, as far as I remember, they had the March of the Exceccutor episode and some other stuff(I was 6 back...