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    GEN VI: HA Mudkip and HA Turtwig

    As the title says, I looking for Hidden ability Mudkip and Hidden ability Turtwig. Offering: HA Piplup, HA Chimchar, HA Treecko EDIT: This thread is no longer in need, since I got the HA Mudkip and Turtwig :)
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    Imperfect 5IV Pokemon

    I have some Imperfect 5IV Pokemon for trade. I'm not quite sure what I want for them. So just give me offers, then we see :) All of them is lv 1, Untouched. -Aerodactyl - Male - Jolly - Pressure - Eggmove: Tailwind - 31/31/31/31/X/31 - -Abra - Male - Timid - HA Magic Guard - Eggmove: None -...
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    GEN VI: Moxie Pinsir in Ultra Ball-Female

    The title says it all. Can someone catch who is able to get a Pinisir from Friend Safari, catch a Moxie, Female Pinsir in a Ultra Ball for me? I can get a hidden ability Pokemon for you from my Friend Safari. I have many, so you should ask if I have what you want :)
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    Pm trouble

    So I got a couple of pm's from other people, the problem is that the site doesn't let me see all of them. When I click on the pm, The site screen becomes blank and it appears a number, mostly 1 or 2 on upper left corner. The webpage then doesn't let me get out of there, so I have to close the...
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    GEN VI: Vivillion patterns-Tundra, Archipelago, Sandstorm, Monsoon, Savanna, Sun or Jungle

    Hi! Im trying to collect all the Vivillion patterns and I am still missing: -Tundra -Archipelago -Sandstorm -Monsoon -Savanna -Sun -Jungle pattern My Pattern is Continental. So if anybody is interested in them, I trade! Offering; -Contintal vivillions -4 IV Eevee(Modest) x7...