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    Contest: Weavile Vs Mightyena

    This thread is for those who are fans of Weavile and Mightyena and I always wanted to know which one is more popular? Feel free to share your opnions(positive or negative ones), you can also tell your opnions if Weavile and Mightyena deserve or not to have Mega evolution in the future Pokémon Z...
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    Pocket Monsters XY Team Speculation Thread

    This topic is for people to predict what Pokémon the characters are going to catch and/or which might evolve in the case of a capture. Of course, you can also speculate on what personalities/roles the Pokémon might have. Please don't diss/mock/look down upon others if their predictions...
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    Hi I'm new!

    Hi I'm new here, I hope you all like my company and we can be good friends.