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    Is/will there any real use for that tab, or is it just an extra that came with the upgrade?
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    Pokeball Preference

    Based on Aesthetics only, what pokeball would look better on the event Zorua and Zoroark respectively? Dusk Ball or Premier Ball? I'm asking cause I've been at a standstill for the past 2 months and can't decide. Input will be VERY appreciative:-D EDIT: Added a Poll
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    Contest: Karrablast/Escavalier vs. Shelmet/Accelgor

    VS Which is better overall? Which has a better design? Which is better in battle? Which is more helpful? Which one is your favorite? Who has the better movepool? Who would win in a fight? Made this after searching the forums, but if there is a duplicate or similar thread...
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    When are you getting B/W? (US)

    I might be one of the few people who is going to wait a while AFTER they are released to get them, like until June. :eek: My only reason I'm waiting is because I know as soon as I get it, I'll never be able to stop playing it and it will horribly affect my grades.:disgust: So what are your...
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    What's your most hated ability/What ability do you think is the most useless?

    This is my first Thread so if there's one like this, go ahead and lock/delete. *The title is self-explanatory. So what is yours? I say Sturdy works under both categories since only a handful of trainers actually use it in-game AND the fact that OHKO moves are basically banned on WiFi (to my...
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    Porygon Worldwide Debut?

    Do you think sometime in the future they will "re-introduce" The Porygon line? (only with less seizers) Why or why not?
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    Hello everyone! My name is ShinyRiolu and my favorite pokemon is Zekrom because it has my favorite types, Dragon and Electric :-D