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Search results

  1. Jyo Rose

    Firox's Arts

    I know I haven't made an art thread yet, even if I have done lots of drawings, might as well share them here too I do have a Deviant Art page - Firox-Fox on DeviantArt All of my art inspired by fun I have, either in another forum, or my favorite things in life new sketches and completed arts...
  2. Jyo Rose

    Play Pokemon (X/Y/OR/AS) in English

    Not sure if anyone interested, at least I am - in the 6th gen games X/Y/OR/AS - before starting the game we are given the option of choosing to play the game in 7 different languages: I'm one of the few that is interested in languages other than the 2 I already speak (English and Spanish) - of...
  3. Jyo Rose

    Up Vs. Down! Justice League (DC) VS Avengers (Marvel) (Version 23)

    Hai BulbaGarderners! Ready to continue the fun tradtion of counting up or down! This is a themed version of up or down to follow on from the successful Mew vs Mewtwo (V9 and V20), Fluffy Bunnies vs Fluffy Clouds, Ash vs Red, Mario vs Sonic, Reshiram vs Zekrom, Arceus vs Giratina, Gym Battles vs...
  4. Jyo Rose

    Battling against favorite Pokemon

    While battling Korrina in the Shalour City gym, this idea/question came to my mind, and in another PokeForum (forgot which one) I was mentioning quickly via VM to another member. I'm sure at sometime in the game, we will come upon a trainer or gym leader that uses our #1 favorite Pokemon...
  5. Jyo Rose

    Persian Trainer's Slowly Growing PokeCollection

    I believe I found the place to show off my slowly growing collection. Due to my lack of funds, usually because of me purchasing diabetic medication, I'm only able to buy one or two PokeMerchendise a month. I Normally order from Pokemon Zone, I been finding various links along the way. Been...
  6. Jyo Rose

    Nya! First time Here!!

    I use Bulbagarden so many times, but never visited the forums until now, I didn't even know there was one. I'll try andkeep it short; Long time Pokemon fan - since it first started. Love cats too. No surprise that all my favorite Pokemon are based on cats. I also like Buizel/Floatzel and...