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    Announcing the new Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief

    Hi guys. For those of you who haven't met me, I'm the dark lord trombonator (trom) and for the past 12 months or so, it has been my pleasure to lead Bulbanews as Editor-in-Chief. Editing Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and browsing the forums has been part of my routine for four years now, but as I've...
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    Staff drive 2011

    Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and the Archives are all looking for new staff members. If you're interested, see this Bulbanews article for the job descriptions. Details on how to apply are listed in the article. Best of luck to all applicants!
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    Ever made a movie? [PG-13]

    (Not sure if this is the best forum since I don't usually lurk into this part of the site, but hey here goes.) Well, have you guys ever made a movie or short film? My friends and I have made a few (which *cough* have won their fair share of awards as well). What do you think is the most fun...
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    Fansite articles

    Hi everyone, The fansite articles on Bulbapedia certainly aren't the highest priority articles we have, but they are often of low quality. This has possibly come through by lack of direction on the staff's part, or maybe because you guys love Bulbagarden so much you don't go elsewhere (nawww...
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    Archives Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Anything wrong with the Archives? We may as well have a thread for this too.
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    Forming a definition

    Maybe this has been done and I just haven't seen it, but how do you define a Novelty Pokémon? I think this has traditionally been defined as a "gimmick" Pokémon, but some gimmick Pokémon can be useful in battle. Do they still count? Opinions please.
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    Differences in versions

    OK, let's face it. The only reason that Nintendo releases two versions is so that they can have a slightly different plot and slightly different obtainable Pokémon, and thus earn more money - because, after all, most of us get both versions. If I were Nintendo, I'd capitalize on this a bit...
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    Special/Adventures Shoutout Thread

    This thread is mainly here to give a public thanks on behalf of the staff to everyone who participated in the recent move we performed on Bulbapedia. Firstly, thanks to Zhen Lin for locking down the site from regular contributors (and making sure that BulbaBot didn't make too much mess)...
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    Copyright Violations with Wikia

    Well... as we all know, the Pokémon Encyclopedia (TPE) from Wikia has been copying articles from Bulbapedia and passing them off as their own. Due to a difference in licenses, this is simply not allowed. Civil discussions began with management from TPE; however, these have now broken down...