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  1. Achrom25tic

    Pokémon Masters General Discussion Thread

    Wish I had the phone storage for this game. Been keeping up with my friend's escapades and I'm loving Lear and co. I personally hope they add the rest of the Frontier Brains because Thorton got confirmed one week while I was on the clock at work and I just about lost my entire mind.
  2. Achrom25tic

    Box legendaries?

    Zamazenta is my favorite of the two! He is so cool. Definitely going with Shield. I was surprised that they had the same color scheme. I've come to expect full antitheses and these guys are instead a matched set. Would like to see what their relationship with each other is.
  3. Achrom25tic

    Starters Discussion

    Sobble's my favorite. I really like the Loch Ness monster theories going around, but it also looks very much like a chameleon, which would make for an interesting concept. I don't think my favorite starter has been the most popular one since. Ever. It's a weird feeling...
  4. Achrom25tic

    Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

    I loved it the minute I saw it--the polar opposite to my reaction to seeing Zeraora for the first time. I'm betting it's a gen 8 preview debuting in LGPE, and it has tiny cute Mythical vibes to me. I'd be happier if it WASN'T a legend in any way, but that's usually not how GF rolls, so whatever.
  5. Achrom25tic

    Preview M21: Everyone's Story

    I have to say I'm actually kind of hyped and I normally don't follow the movies when they're first released. Trito is my absolute favorite I hope he gains the confidence he deserves
  6. Achrom25tic

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    Really good!! One of my favorite types. I'll do my favorite of the type ( and overall): Ditto
  7. Achrom25tic

    Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

    I know; in truth I wasn't expecting any main series releases this year, and if it's a debut spinoff I'm fine with it. It's just with the promises of a new core RPG, which have been posted and discussed in this thread previously, that's the worry; that this is that new core RPG.
  8. Achrom25tic

    Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

    They might not be better received, but I think for a lot of people it would make it less of an alarming or upsetting thing if they were spin-offs, because that would at least mean there would still be a possibility for a new region in the future.
  9. Achrom25tic

    Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

    I rise from the grave once again to voice my concerns, which are that these are main series games rather than derivative spinoffs. I, er, sort of bought the Switch banking on Gen 8 at some point and am very lucky that the console has had enough great titles to make it worth it beyond this...
  10. Achrom25tic

    Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol.5

    Wow, I was worried I'd stick out and cause a fuss if I posted my announcement here, but it seems there are several members in the same boat, so now I have no reservations about coming out as a trans guy. So, there it is: I'm a trans guy! And it feels good to say that. I don't come around here...
  11. Achrom25tic

    Spoilers Story Discussion

    I'm back having actually finished the game and yeah, this was so good and more than I could've ever hoped for. Why does this man keep fusing legendaries together. How has he avoided jail for two years... Really the whole Necrozma situation is pretty wild, I like that we get an explanation for...
  12. Achrom25tic

    Spoilers What are your feelings on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

    Hah, I've read some of the Japanese reviews, and they're pretty funny. A bit intense and over-the-top though, which gives them less credence. Still, while I liked USUM because it's Pokemon and I love Pokemon, I do think an underperformance once in a while ultimately makes creators better at what...
  13. Achrom25tic

    Spoilers What do you like about USUM?

    Colress!! Ultra Warp Ride and exploring Ultra Space are completely awesome. Becoming friends with Rotom. Utterly cheesy, 100% welcomed. All the extra sidequests that you find scattered about. Rainbow Rocket in general, while short, was fun. The new music is amazing.
  14. Achrom25tic

    Spoilers What do you NOT like about USUM?

    It's been mentioned like 80 times but yeah the storyline takes quite a while to become noticeably different, and while I think the changes are cool and have potential, they didn't go far enough. If they'd reached just a little deeper it could've been spectacular. Totem Lurantis still...
  15. Achrom25tic

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    Great color scheme, I think the anatomy is a bit weird and it looks strange animated but eh, it's a cartoon frog. I like that it's 2 unfortunate frame away from flipping off the viewer. Darmanitan
  16. Achrom25tic

    Spoilers What are your feelings on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

    I'm reserving judgment until the game comes out and I play it myself. It isn't meant to be read as a script, it's meant to be played and seen on a screen, and this is an important distinction to make. Not sure it's worth $40.00, but I do think people here are being a bit too determined to hate...
  17. Achrom25tic

    USUM Datamine Discussion

    Hey, if a movie gives Zeraora at least some explanation, I'll buy it. I'm not picky! I'm a fool with a lot of free time, I can fill in the gaps myself. Just give me straws to grasp at. I doubt it's Gen VIII, if it's in a Gen VII game. It might be a Zygarde situation where they'll do more of it...