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  1. Achrom25tic

    Quarter's Sad Art Thread

    Until this year I hadn't made Pokemon fanart in literal years...but I've been feeling Very Bad as of late and for some reason bad feelings inspire something within me so Before we get to the fanart here's an old pic of my OC Wyneth: a week-old doodle of some babes: and I've been playing a...
  2. Achrom25tic

    COMPLETE: Weekend Shenanigans (EVERYONE)

    I wrote a one-shot about CompletionShipping because I'm hooked on this pairing like a fish on a line and it's the only one of my ships that doesn't cause me horrible emotional distress. It's cheesy and stupid and lame and not even that shippy but hey, that's what Pokémon is so that's how I'll...
  3. Achrom25tic

    CompletionShipping [Sina/Dexio]

    I Can't Believe It's Not Canon! So, uhm, yes, CompletionShipping! Sina x Dexio! I actually thought it was canon when I played through X. I was disappointed to find out it wasn't. It's already spawned lots of fanart (I can see why; adorkable scientists are adorkable). So, yeah! Discuss...
  4. Achrom25tic

    The About Me page

    The about me page's categories are no longer visible (for example, "Favorite Gym Badge" no longer shows up next to the name for your favorite gym badge). I'm guessing this is due to that update or whatever happened over the last few weeks, or it may just be a glitch on my side. I'm not sure, but...
  5. Achrom25tic

    New to this, any help?

    Howdy! I have come here for some advice on wi-fi battling (and only wi-fi battling, no simulators). I want to start doing random match-ups, casual battles and such. I was wondering if I could get some assistance with building and training a team. My only current, active file that I have is on...
  6. Achrom25tic

    Avatar Question

    I have a Gen. V Bulbasaur sprite as an avatar. When I last logged on, it was animated. However, the sprite I retrieved wasn't animated, just as it is currently. Is this a problem with the URL and the sprite uploaded?
  7. Achrom25tic

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Discussion Thread

    The PMD series doesn't disapoint. It's my favorite Pokémon video game series overall. Even though it's a spinoff series, it's still better than the main games in my book. I'm currently playing Explorers of Sky, in which I'm a Vulpix named Miles (obviously) and my partner is a Piplup named Alex...
  8. Achrom25tic

    A late hello...

    Hey guys! I'm Miles101. I registered a while ago but never posted,so i got active yesterday in the URPG. I'm here to let you know I exist ^^ I love Pokemon (obviously), Invader Zim , and anime. I am a computer geek and I'm very smart. I hope to make some cool friends! Hello!