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Search results

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    Malware Issue

    Wait, you mean xenForo is safer?
  2. M

    Mobile Skin issues thread

    The search button is still invisible in mobile version. Something has to be done about it.
  3. M

    Make Up a Mirror verse character

    Mirror TRio would be protecting the world from mirror jennys (members of villanous teams). And mirror Giovanni would be a Scientist researching on pokémon and master balls. Mirror N would try to encourage deep relationships between human and pokémons.
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    Mobile Skin issues thread

    I tried the mobile skin, typed a query, and then started "searching" for that search button. I reloaded it many times but that search button was possibly...... On a.... Bulbabreak! B-)
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    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    Wow! Pokéfans aging 40 ! Now that's something that the franchise can brag about!
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    2014 Staff Drive announced for Bulbanews: Brand new positions available

    It's a great news. Best of luck to all applicants (same old dialogue, sorry!). Hope you keep contributing to bulbagarden!
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    About upgrading the bulbagarden server

    Hello! I was thinking about the potential server stress bulbagarden might be facing. I think it's a high time to upgrade the bulbagarden servers
  8. M


    Hi there, everyone! Does anyone know who is the oldest staff of bulbagarden?