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    TEEN: Pokémon: This Wide World (Chapter 3 update!)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Notes from the author: Hello everyone and thank you for taking a look at my first ever fan fiction project Pokemon: This Wide World. I want everyone to know that I am making it an important priority to update and post new chapters regularly to this thread. I've been meaning to write this for...
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    Pokemon Let's Go Co-op

    So I've been waiting for a truly cooperative Pokemon game for a long time now. The closest things we've had up to this point is some co-op options in battle facilities...which are fun but they don't hold a candle to shareing the journey with someone else. Honestly this is something that I hope...
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    Spoilers The Difficulty Discussion (USUM)

    Well, it's time, I searched for this thread but failed to find anything and as such, I decided to make it. As always feel free to let me know if this thread already exists. For a long time now many have complained that the difficulty of these games is to easy. In usum Gamefreak seems to have...
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    GO Battling in Pokemon Go

    So now that I'm officially on the Pokemon go hype train I wanted to make a few posts here. From what I can tell there will be battling in Go. But we have very little information regarding how it will work. I played Ingress for a bit but I could never really get over the learning curve. The...
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    Pokemon; New Game Cycle

    So, many have expressed concern that a yearly realease schedule for Pokemon games is to much. But on the other hand there are around seven threads on these forums talking about and anticipating new games. I have made this thread to specifically talk about how often we should get Pokemon games...
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    Eon Ticket Tracking log

    I don't quite recall how the eon ticket's were going to be distributed but I wanted to make this thread to track them. You see I live around 30 minuets from the MOA (Mall of America) my wife and I go mall walking there sometimes and we bring our DS along to get street passes and the like...
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    Why Alpha and Omega?

    So what do you guys think why would they chose these prefixes? It doesn't seem like it would be a biblical reference but some people have pointed that out to me.
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    Greetings all

    Hello everyone, I've been reading these forums for some time. I decided that I'd give joining a shot. I've never really been able to keep my interest in forums for long but their's a first time for everything.