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    Time and Darkness

    I read on Wikipedia that Cartoon Network is set to air the next Mystery Dungeon special tomorrow. But I haven't seen a thing about it on TV. I'm just wondering if this is true or a if I'm leading my TiVo on a wild goose chase.
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    Review S10 EP41: A Stand-Up Sit-Down!

    Dawn learns about Contest Double Performances from Zoey and decides to practice up. Simple, right?
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    NoodleChef's Art Thread!

    Ahh...it's now time to post my artwork. I'm good at drawing and stuff, but my stronger points are truly in comp. generated 3D art. And I will probably display both. First, fresh from Deviant Art... Cacturne! I plan on making this one better, as well as adding the ridges to its hat.
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    Manaphy Mission Code

    Farnsworth voice: Good news, everyone! Back to me: :ahem: For those of you who bought Pokémon Ranger (like me), REJOICE as Pokemon.com will display the code for the mission to retrieve the Manaphy egg on January 20!
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    In need of directions

    All right. This is for my Emerald Version. I spoke to Wallace in the Cave of Origin after watching Groudon and Kyogre fight. I need to know where exactly to find the Sky Pillar.
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    Dancing Disaster - Pokémon Fanfic

    I've written other fics, but this is my first time writing a Pokémon fanfic. Basically the premise of this fanfic is that the gang arrives in time for a new Pokémon Contest. However, there is a dangerous conspiracy behind the scenes. Prelude Fuchsia City. 8:30 pm. "Just give up." Harley...
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    New Names!

    Major news! No more guessing, folks! I found out on Serebii.net that... Manene's US name is "Mime Jr." And Manyula's US name is "Weavile."
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    Okay. Um...I have a prepared statement. :busts out a post-it note, pushes up glasses: Ahem. The following is an introduction of the new Bulbagarden Member, Kyle. No trainers and/or pokémon were harmed in the making of this post-it with the exception of coordinator Harley. I mean, come on. You...