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    Review DP109: The Stray Hoeruko!

    With just a little water from Byousel and Hoeruko was al better and jumped into the water? somehow I find that hard to swallow. During the entire episode Ash and co came across one person in the whole city? The part with the second waterfall just made me laughing non-stop, especially when...
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    Review DP103: Chaotic Melee in Mio City!

    I've just finished watching the episode. The episode was funny to see, but was very random. I'd wished that they put the Meowth part in a differrent episode. Mukkubird was hilarious to see and so was Pochama for admitting that it might be better to let someone else lead the way. 640x480 images...
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    Review DP098: The Floating Unidentified Mysterious Animal!?

    Which just shows that Jessie wasn't all that attached to Lickitung like James was to Chimecho.
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    Review DP098: The Floating Unidentified Mysterious Animal!?

    The episode was so-so. Best part was when every was trying to hide Berobert. Of all the random places Ash could point, he just had to point to the place Hikari and Brock were. ^_^; The end part was funny too. 640x480 episode images are up too.
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    "High Touch!" and "Ashita wa Kitto" impressions

    "High Touch!" has some really good animation. The song itself is get a "meh". Though I don't hate the song, I'm not really impressed by it either. Perhaps it just needs some time to get used to it. Same goes for "Ashita wa Kitto" for that matter.
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    Review DP096: Galaxy-dan Attacks!! -Part 1- ・ DP097: Galaxy-dan Attacks!! -Part 2-

    I've just finished watching the episodes. The epsiode was great, with Team Galactic going all out. Akagi almost went beserk when Ash and Hikari said that they didn't sense anything from the pearl. I really want to see the rest of the story, but I think that it will take a while before the story...
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    Review DP094: Pachirisu Has a Fever! Two People Taking Care!? ・ DP095: Pokémon Contest! Kannagi Tournament!!

    I've just completed watching both episode. The first one was nice. Like many I'm glad that Together is finally going to be replaced. This episode basically shows why Brock is traveling along, it would be bye bye Pachirisu if Brock wasn't around. 640 x 480 pictures are up. I find this one...
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    Review DP090: It's Ghost Time After School

    640x480 images are up now btw.
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    Review DP090: It's Ghost Time After School

    Here you go.
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    Review DP090: It's Ghost Time After School

    The episode started out very promissing, the plot somehow lacked. As far as I could understand I don't think it was explained why ghost girl was trying to to lure people into going to the portal other than the girl saying "lets play" when tying to drag Aoi and Ash into the portal. Same goes for...
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    Review DP090: It's Ghost Time After School

    Haunter grabbing Kolink's tail The mysterious girl seems to be a ghost herself, or someone who has psychic powers like Sabrina.
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    Review DP090: It's Ghost Time After School

    I hope it's something totally different. For example someone who has already passed away. Preview looks promising, can't wait to see this episode.
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    Review DP089: Research Presentation: "Legend of the Lake"!

    This episode isn't as good as the previous episode, but the Hikari and Kohei parts made that up a little. Kohei is still creepy. Best part would be the part with the thunder. Musarina on the other hand was rather anoying in this episode. Even though she has that attitude on regular base...
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    Review DP088: Pokémon Summer School Course!!

    This episode easily gets a 9/10 from me. I love this episode. It was really funny to watch and I like the personalities of the rental Pokemon. Grimer and Hikari are hilarious. I've never expected that Raichu would be that shy. The return of Kohei is really nice and he's still the usual...
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    Review DP088: Pokémon Summer School Course!!

    Ash brushing Raichu in an animated GIF loop. Raichu's face is priceless indeed.
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    Review DP088: Pokémon Summer School Course!!

    I've just saw the preview in question. Looks like the brush was stuck on Raichu for some reason and Ash just tried to pull on it with brute force. Poor Raichu.
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    Review DP088: Pokémon Summer School Course!!

    Yes, Kohei is back. He was cool back in the tag tournament so I don't mind seeing him back. The episode itself looks like it's going to be fun. Grimer "devouring" Pochama looks hilarious, much like what Ash's Muk does to Professor Oak. I doubt any captures are going to be made in this episode...
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    Review DP087: The Koduck Roadblock!

    I've just finished watching the episode. Nothing really important happend, but it was really entertaining. It was really funny. Nice to see that Glion still has the same personality. Takeshi's Paradise coming out of the blue was really funny. It's nice to see that every Pokémon got some...
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    Review M11: Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin

    The DVD is usually released in Japan about a half year, near Christmas.
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    Dubbed, Subbed, or Raw

    Not only for Pokemon, but also for other anime as well, I prefer subbed. Pokemon subs are rare, so for Pokemon I watch the raw version, I can understand some small bits and pieces of the conversation and Pokemon isn't really a show hard to follow even when you don't understand the language. I...