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Search results

  1. J

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    it'd be really funny if it turned out ash's Mega is Gengar XD
  2. J

    Shortchanged Legendaries

    deoxys still isn't underused
  3. J

    Shortchanged Legendaries

    why is Deoxys an option? he was treated excellently
  4. J

    Contest Scizor vs Lucario

    I like Lucario more, he's a Jedi! who shoots Kamehamehas! in all seriousness, I can't really decide
  5. J

    Contest Battle of the regional bugs!

    Leavanny is my personal favorite, and I believe it could take down everyone on the list except Scolipede. So Scolipede gets my vote
  6. J

    Contest Ash vs. Game!Red

    yeah, I mean it's not like Ash hasn't saved the world...several times...once on TV...defeated a legendary or two.
  7. J

    Rumour thread (SPOILERS - ALLEGED LEAKS)

    Re: Rumour Discussion and Speculation I assumed the mewtwo was temporary, like the pokemon norman lends you in goenn games
  8. J

    Ashs Infernape vs Mays Blaziken

    I have to go with Infernape, as it is trained specifically for battle
  9. J

    Rank Ash's ground types

    Rank Ash Ketchum's Ground type pokemon in their battle Prowess. For those who have forgotten, those pokemon are, in no particular order Palpitoad, Donphan, Krookodile, Gible, Torterra, and Gliscor
  10. J

    Re-challengable Trainers/Exp. Grinding

    this, a thousand times this. the fact that they removed it for HGSS of all games still pisses me off. Seriously, that one item fixes 80 percent of Gold and Silver's problems
  11. J

    Ash’s biggest screw-ups in BW Season 1

    yes, you've got it on the nose
  12. J

    Iris' Excadrill vs. Ash's Sceptile

    In one corner we have excadrill, iris strongest pokemon In the other we have Sceptile, the strongest of ash's hoenn pokemon who wins?
  13. J

    Ash’s biggest screw-ups in BW Season 1

    i'd say it's the not weakening it thing personally, i would have loved to see them bring in a new main character but keep ash on as a brock like character
  14. J

    Herman Cain quotes Pokémon again: Reused quotation correctly referenced

    when was this? "I need pants" XD
  15. J

    What's your most hated ability/What ability do you think is the most useless?

    the answer to this really depends on whether you are fighting agaisnt or with the ability
  16. J

    The Reason for the TM change(My Theory)

    that's a fine theory, but not what i said
  17. J

    The Reason for the TM change(My Theory)

    only if we move away from the Unovaarea and back to the previous area Actually, HMs, in the context of this theory, are moves so useful that they made special laws so that they were allowed to be used.
  18. J

    Worst Rival

    Blue and Silver both have good storylines, and eventually become badass. So i like them Waly doesn't give up, and is basically the teddy roosevelt of pokemon. So i like him Barry's got a manic, interesting personality. So i like him Cheren and Bianca have good character developement. So...
  19. J

    The Reason for the TM change(My Theory)

    In Black and White, TMs are now permaneant. I think this is because in the original four regions, there is a law preventing the manufacture of permaTMs. This law doesn't exist in Unova, so they can make Permaneant TMs. This also explains why there is no Item holding when Migrating...