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Search results

  1. Rocket Messiah

    Your Pokémon Memories

    This is a thread for the nostalgics. Tell one of your memories related to Pokémon games,anime or even the Trading Card game.
  2. Rocket Messiah

    New Forms

    I thing that we need a thread about new forms. I'm not talking about Megaevolutions or Gygantamax. I would like to discuss if you think that: 1- The legendaries will get a new form, specially Dialga and Palkia. 2- If you think there will be Sinnohan forms or new evolutions on this game and if...
  3. Rocket Messiah

    Pokémon rumours you heard

    Let's travel back in time. Remember the old rumour that Mew was inside the truck of Vermilion Port and the multiple ways to move said Truck or how the White Stone that is located in Mossdep City was related to Jirachi or the Space Ship that was also in Mossdeep could led you to Deoxys. Let's...
  4. Rocket Messiah

    Pokedex entries that amuse you

    I find that Pokedex entries are amusing. They show us some really interesting things about Pokemon and the world they live in. For example Golbat: Red and Blue: Once it strikes, it will not stop draining energy from the victim even if it gets too heavy to fly. Sword: It loves to drink...
  5. Rocket Messiah

    What is your opinion on Pokemon Journeys Team Rocket?

    Well I think this deserves a thread of his own. How do you feel about the new Mechanic of Team Rocket having a glorified rental Pokémon machine? Do you think is better for them this way? In my opinion Team Rocket is treated really poorly in this series. Even tough they had two nice episodes...
  6. Rocket Messiah

    The make your own thematic Pokémon team thread

    Howdy Well this is a thread I always wanted to do. In this I would like for all of you to give ideas for a Pokemon themed team. What is a Pokemon themed team? I'ts a group of Pokemon that may have something in common or can fit in some spectrums. For example if we make a meteorological themed...