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Search results

  1. Jimiinthesky

    GEN VI: Looking for legit articuno

    Hey, I am looking for a legit Articuno with no particular moves or stats. I have a variety of legendaries and starters; deoxys, virizion, charmander, freakiest, snivy, aswell as a hacked shiny articuno. Please let me know if you are interested as I have more Pokemon than listed. Friend code is...
  2. Jimiinthesky

    Gen V OU team.

    I have been a competitive battler for quite a while now, and have been greatly enjoying the Gen V metagame, therefore i decided to take the time to design an entirely new team. Try to hide your shock, this is NOT a weather team :| However it is designed to work well in the weather dominated...
  3. Jimiinthesky

    Contest Battle of the [email protected]

    Simple battle of the two Eon pokemon, i could not find this thread anywhere after much searching. Here we have two powerful dragon/psychic Pokémon, one male one female; Out of the two, which is your favorite aesthetically, who would win in a Pokémon battle, and who, if you had the...
  4. Jimiinthesky

    EVERYONE: The Dragon Chronicles.

    Hello all, i've never written a fan-fiction before, but i thought i'd try it :) i've written a novel before, but a normal fiction work, not a fan-fiction :O Anyway, this story will be split into chapters, which will be posted relatively frequently (i'm hoping for once a week) and will center...
  5. Jimiinthesky

    items in battle arnt working :S

    i dont know if this is the right place for this but my diamond has a problem, whenever im in a battle, and i click on the items button, my game completely freezes, it works fine when i run or switch pokemon, but items just freeze it :S anyone got any idea why?
  6. Jimiinthesky

    the world dividers

    um..i've never posted here before, but i've been looking around and it seems to be where people post their own stories. i hope i'm doing this properly, but this is the first chapter of a book i've been working on for over a year now :) it's fantasy really, i havent had the chance to go through...
  7. Jimiinthesky

    the elite four battleground!

    basicly, you post an elite four member who can defeat the pokemon that the above poster uses, and you say which one of your chosen elite four's pokemon you'd use to defeat the one above, and which move :) and you cant use cynthia's spiritomb i'll go first lucian brought out mr mime :)
  8. Jimiinthesky

    weird facts about you

    very very simple game but could be fun ;) basicly you have to say a fact about yourself, thats weirder than the fact posted above you hopefully by the end, we'll find someone with green nipples and a mother made of cheese right me first my middle name, batham, is a beer made in...
  9. Jimiinthesky

    Do We Want New TYPES? (Yes)

    new types in the next gen? i've looked for ages but i cant find a thread about this, if there is and i've missed it i'm sorry but basicly, do you think that there should be any new types in the next generation? and if you do, what should they be, who should they be effective against and...
  10. Jimiinthesky

    i just noticed somthing cool about the badges on the trainer card

    you can make songs out of them i cant remember the name of the badges so i'll do this by colour do it to the tune of jingle bells orange x8 purple x1 brown x1 green x1 orange x1 silver and blue x5 orange x4 green x2 orange x1 green x1 purple x1 :D anyone come up with...
  11. Jimiinthesky

    if you were a gym leader, what type would you be and what pokemon would you use?

    i'm new here, and i've always thought this would be an interesting question. i tried this on a different forum before but apparently it was the wrong one so i came here :) lets say you can use 3 pokemon level 30-40 no legendaries or pseudos i'd use ice type, just cause it's my...
  12. Jimiinthesky

    if you were a gym leader, what type would you be and what pokemon would you use?

    okay lets say you can only use 3 different pokemon between levels 30 and 40 just one type no legendries obv what would you be? i'm new here by the way, but i just thought this would be quite an interesting question if it was me, i'd use ice, because it has always been my favourate type...