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Search results

  1. lovandra

    Anime Hero Academia (Manga and Anime) Discussion Board

    The real title is Boku no Hero Academia, but I not use the 'Boku no' on the thread title for 'savety' reason XP. So I keep myself update of this manga since last year and, despite my low reviews to most of current shonen mangas, I really really like this title and predict it will be a HIT. And...
  2. lovandra

    Lovandra and Free Traders: Open for Simple Requests

    'All I want just a Ditto!' ^this is simple request, but nowdays, you hardly find a trader that want to give it away for free *maybe*. I welcoming all traders all around the world that have bunch of pokemon or looking for any specific one, or just have a simple request but don't know where to...
  3. lovandra

    TEEN: Andrea's Scattered Words

    I don't know that we can posts poems in this part of forum. Thank's to Vivilon that I see have a poem corner. I'll have mine too ;). When it comes to us, Love is just not enough Mood: Love, Parting, Goodbye Since long time ago Mood: Loner, hurted, give up Taste of the tears Mood: Sadness...
  4. lovandra

    Don't know a good subject for introduction and 'hello' just tooo ordinary

    Welcoming myself to be part of this community. I'm good with made impression but have bad habit for leaving forums after 1 or 2 or 3 or 6 months. So, prior warning, don't be too attached with me or you will miss me. My name is vie. Known as vie or blackorchid or lovandra at forums and online...