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    Back again.

    Hey everyone! After a month or two of absence, I'm back. Of course, I doubt, what with my scedule and all, that I'll be nearly as avid a user as before. Nevertheless, I'm glad to be back.
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    Removing the post requirement to VM/PM for newcomers

    I'm suggesting this mainly because I'm bringing a friend on the site soon, and I don't want to have to wait for him to make a certain amount of posts before we can talk. But generally it is an inconvinience for newcomers. I also belive that it is just pointless.
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    VGC team: I've been working hard on these guys!

    Axel the Haxorus Ability: Rivalry Moves: Dragon Claw, Outrage, Swords Dance, Dragon Dance EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP Item: Persim Berry Strategy: Used with Fun Guy to power up and utterly destroy opposing teams Fun Guy the Amoongus Ability: Effect Spore Moves: Rage Powder, Protect...
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    Your nicknames

    Let's see...on and off the site I am known as... Moon(what my mom calls me) Rain(after Singin' in the Rain, my previous username), Tiger(Okay, I will NOT delve into that anytime soon...) Video Boy(Someone recorded me flirting with playing with my girlfriend and posted it on Youtube) J.D.(Based...
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    Who would win between...

    In this game, make a contest regarding any two users on this site, including yourself. It could be anything from "Who would win in a singing contest?" to "Who is less active on this site?" to "Who writes the very worst?" You can base this off of avatar, usertitle, personal knowledge, etc...
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    Tough Times on Hesparian Avenue- Singing in the Rain, Manic the Hedgehog

    The Sun was starting to set on Mawile. Another day of homelesss poverty passed without sucess, and there was little hope left. All he could do was grasp the hand of his best friend and partner in crime, Sableye. "Sable, what ae we going to do?"