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Search results

  1. K

    GEN VI: LF Events, FT Events and more

    I'm looking for event Pokemon that I don't have yet. NON LEGENDARY PLEASE unless it's a really special legendary event (like shiny Jirachi or something). (soon) means I'm getting it soon I have: -Ash's Pikachu -Shiny Flying Pikachu -2012 Reshiram/Zekrom -Celebrate Sylveon -Shiny Jirachi -Team...
  2. K

    GEN VI: FT: Cloned shinies/legends/Powersaves LF: EVENTS and Shinies I don't have yet

    Not taking requests atm! So I finished up my living dex a while ago, and just transferred it to Pokemon bank today. I noticed I had a ton of shinies to transfer too. So I thought, why not try for a shiny living dex? If I can't get all of them, at least I'll get a good collection. If you'd...
  3. K

    GEN VI: Trying to catch'em all!

    I decided recently that I'm going to try to fill up my boxes in Pokemon X with the full Pokedex. So far, I haven't caught much, so I'm looking to trade for some of the Pokemon I'm missing! This is what I have so far...
  4. K

    New to Bulbagarden!

    Hello! I'm a pretty big Pokemon fan so I thought I'd join these forums, even though I've probably joined too many. But hey, it's Pokemon. I look forward to seeing what this forum has to offer, and my current goal is to fill up the Pokedex, although I'm nowhere close. Also, my favorite Pokemon is...