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    First Pokemon Game

    Hey guys, I got a question. What was your first Pokemon game? Or the first one you can remember playing? Also, how did you feel the first time you played a Pokemon Game?
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    Ideas For Upcoming Games?

    Hey, what would you guys like to see in the upcoming Pokemon games? If they ever make any new ones, what kind of additions and improvements would you like to see? Gameplay, Visual, Pokemon,any aspect basically. Do you have any ideas for what we should call the new versions to come out?
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    Favorite Game Of All Time

    Ok guys, what is your favorite Pokemon games of all time? Yes, you can have more than one, and they can be for any console or genre. But...you have to explain Why those games are your favorite,ok? Alright than, fire away.
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    Hello, Kinda new around here...

    Hello, stumbled onto this site by accident but it looks like it's pretty interesting and seems like alot of people enjoy it here. I'm something of a gamer and I frequent computers pretty often so I'll likely be on here a fair bit. I also enjoy roleplaying and hope to get along with you all...