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Search results

  1. J

    Rank Ash's ground types

    Rank Ash Ketchum's Ground type pokemon in their battle Prowess. For those who have forgotten, those pokemon are, in no particular order Palpitoad, Donphan, Krookodile, Gible, Torterra, and Gliscor
  2. J

    Iris' Excadrill vs. Ash's Sceptile

    In one corner we have excadrill, iris strongest pokemon In the other we have Sceptile, the strongest of ash's hoenn pokemon who wins?
  3. J

    The Reason for the TM change(My Theory)

    In Black and White, TMs are now permaneant. I think this is because in the original four regions, there is a law preventing the manufacture of permaTMs. This law doesn't exist in Unova, so they can make Permaneant TMs. This also explains why there is no Item holding when Migrating...
  4. J

    Contest Electivire vs. Magmortar vs. Rhyperior vs. Mamoswine

    all four of these pokemon were introduced in gen 4 and final evolutions of previous 2 stage lines. who is the best?
  5. J

    Contest Boss Battle: Giovanni Vs Maxie Vs Archie Vs Cyrus Vs Archer Vs Greechis Vs Greevil

    the big bads of the main series games, plus greevil battle who... -Wins in a battle -Has the coolest design -Has the best rate of success -Has the best organization -Has the best pokemon -Has the coolest name -Has the best plan
  6. J

    Tobias vs. Mewtwo

    Tobias and his two legendaries, darkrai and latios, take on anime mewtwo, the coolest legendary ever to star in a movie
  7. J

    how do you think moves look?

    what do you think the various moves in the games would look like? for example, i see aquatail as the pokemon growing a tail made of water , then hitting the opponent with it
  8. J

    Tobias vs. the other lily of the valley leaguers

    we saw Tobias(AKA takuto) beat ash, but do you think would win these matchups Tobias vs. conway Tobias vs. nando Tobias vs. Barry Tobias vs. Paul
  9. J

    Airborne Ash: Pidgeot vs Noctowl vs Swellow vs Staraptor vs Unfezant vs Butterfree

    All of ash's flying types(cept charizard) go head to head Who do you like most? Who is strongest? Who has the better design? who had the best capture slash evolution? who is all around the most awesome?
  10. J

    Contest Fire ash, Charizard vs Quilava vs Torkoal vs Infernape vs. Tepig

    all of ash ketchum's fire types go head to head, who's the best?
  11. J

    Contest Gary vs. Paul

    ash's 2 greatest rivals go head to head. who wins in a fight? who works better as a rival? who is the better trainer? what pokemon do they use?
  12. J

    Worst thing an NPC has given you

    what's the worst item an NPC has given you? both from a gamers perspective and from the characters perspective
  13. J

    Contest Ash's Kingler vs Ash's Squirtle vs Ash's Buizel vs Ash's Totodile vs Ash's Corphish

    Basically ,it's Ash's kingler vs. Ash's squirtle vs. ash's buizel vs. ash's totodile vs. ash's corphish . Who wins?
  14. J

    Contest Battle of the PokéDex Enders!

    this is a battle between the final pokemon of each generation. who wins?
  15. J

    Pokemon Battle Moments of Awesome

    Basically, things you've done in fights that you feel are incredibly awesome To start off, i have 2 Firstly, in my platinum, it was down to me and cynthia's last pokemon each. She had a fully rested garchomp, i had a half health machoke, i think about ten levels below her garchomp. i go...