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  1. WatcherMark

    Review JN046: Battle and Catch! The Revival of Mewtwo

    It did, although I'm sad they wasted it's debut like this (same goes for Eolb). I'm really hoping an actual Sarunori turns up soon. Another interesting cameo was Shikijika's Autumn form as one of Mew's transformations, since Best Wishes never got around to showing us Autumn and Winter form.
  2. WatcherMark

    Review JN046: Battle and Catch! The Revival of Mewtwo

    This episode suffered from the classic "Oh dear, we've got this plot we want to do but we've found we can't stretch it to a full episode so we need to waste the first half with some fluff" problem, hence Satoshi and Go nearly getting killed in the forest multiple times (it should be perfectly...