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Search results

  1. Akinai

    GEN VII: LF: Marshadow FT: See inside

    Title says it all. I missed this event by a few days, and it's the only 'mon I need to fully complete the dex. In return, I can trade one of the following (keep in mind any non-legendaries are shiny): Crawdaunt Spoink Sandile Deerling Ludicolo Sableye Genesect Darkrai Wigglytuff Primeape
  2. Akinai

    GEN VI: Seeking multiple Safaris

    Title says it all, I'm looking for anyone with any of the following Safaris: Dark (any) Kirlia Eevee Spiritomb Please note that I am NOT looking for these Pokemon, only the Safaris that fit these conditions. As for what I can offer in return, I can breed the following HA Pokemon: These...
  3. Akinai

    Assorted Hidden Ability Mons

    I did this back in Black/White, so let's see if it will be successful in X/Y as well~ Basically, I'm willing to breed, hatch and trade Hidden Ability Pokemon for people. So far, this is what I have: These will most likely have no Egg moves nor special IVs/Natures- basically whatever hatches...
  4. Akinai

    GEN VI: Infiltrator Spiritomb and Prankster Sableye

    As the title says, looking for each of these Pokemon. I can offer (freshly hatched): Magician Fennekin Bulletproof Chespin Protean Froakie Squirtle Charmander Rotom Larvesta Spinda Skarmory Klink Gible Deino Axew Duskull Shuppet Chansey Lillipup All will have no egg moves, since I have no...
  5. Akinai

    Wanted: Gamestop Keldeo

    After finally re-obtaining my net connection today, I realize that I just missed the Keldeo event. Would anyone be able to help me out? I don't mind a cloned one, but one that has not been used for the game event would be great. In return I can give a DW female and/or almost any Pokemon...
  6. Akinai

    Offering: DW Females and other things (CLOSED)

    Currently I have a couple boxes of DW females just waiting to be bred for yet more females. Here are the guidelines: 1. My FC is 2064 8723 9480. It is both here and in my profile; if you still ask for it, there is a high chance I will reject your trade. 2. Unless I already have a spare...