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    The Amestrian School of Alchemy (FMA: Brotherhood)

    "There's no such thing as a painless lesson...they just don't exist. Sacrifices are necessary...you can't gain anything without losing something first. Although...if you can endure that pain, and walk away from it...you will find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any...
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    Back to Its Roots

    Back to Its Roots Long ago, back near the human races very beginnings the world was pure. Humans and pokemon coexisted peacefully, battling was unheard of. Humans rarely even took pokemon as companions, but a similar practice was used. Seconds after a human was born the Legendary Pokemon...
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    Back to Its Roots

    It's been quite a while since I was last in a Pokemon RP. I decided if I was going to go back why do it with the average RP. I needed something more than just a journey RP, more than an academy, and much more than a simple tourney. Back to Its Roots Long ago, back near the human races very...
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    Through the Multiverse (Non-Pokemon RP)

    "Space, the final frontier," words spoken by thousands of people through recent history. However beyond space, is the next enigma to human kind, the multiverse. Every event that could possibly occur and every reality ever thought of exists in its own universe. Ranging from small details to...
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    United We Stand (Percy Jackson RP)

    Throughout history almost all civilizations formed some kind of mythology. However, these beliefs weren't just fiction. Almost all of them were based off of real beings and real events. These beings, monsters, gods, demons, and more, have all coexisted, only the highest of them knowing of each...
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    Back With a Vengeance (Teen Titans RP)

    TEEN TITANS Over the years the Teen Titans has become much more than what it used. It has evolved from the five founding members into an ever growing organization. Mutants, aliens, supernatural beings, geniuses, and just kids who want to make a difference are constantly becoming part of the...
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    A Minecraftian in Tetris (BeastieBayleaf)

    While experimenting with new portal designs, adventurers from the world of Minecraft discovered an entrance into another block based universe. The world of Tetris. They discovered that in this world the block are sentient and have been forced by an evil mastermind to stack on top of each other...
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    A Quality BPJ Idea!

    I've recently come up with an idea for an RP centering around mythology. Not just mythology from one specific civilization, but a world where all mythologies truly existed. Well technically this would be a Percy Jackson RP as it takes place in that world. The series mention several other gods...
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    Rise of the Clones (Take 2!) (O/A)

    (This RP wasn't a complete failure the first time around, but I would've liked it to have gone longer. I'm going to try this again.) Plot Recently Team Rocket has been experimenting with genetics and have reattempted cloning. They have managed to create cloned pokemon with enhanced strength...
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    The Crimson Moon (Non-Pokemon RP) (Open and Accepting!)

    For hundreds of years, the monsters of the world have been kept at bay. Their former glory taken away by the very species they hunted down themselves. They've lived in fear and hiding, hoping not to be taken down by a hunter. Little did they know a strange occurence would help them in their...
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    Return of the Saiyans (Sign Ups Open)

    Several decades ago, an evil tyrant known as Frieza ruled over a powerful alien race known as the Saiyans. These beings looked much like humans, but were thousands of times more powerful. As time passed Frieza realised there strength and the threat they posed. He quickly destroyed them all...
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    When Worlds Collide (Digimon/Pokemon crossover) (O/A)

    Recently Silph Co. and Devon Corporation accidentaly discovered a new world while working on new pokeball technology. This world is known as the Digital World. This world is inhabited by powerful creatures much like their own. These cratures are called Digital Monsters or Digimon for short. THey...
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    The Rise of the Clones

    Logan jumped off his Aerodactyl as it landed in a field in the outskirts of a small town. It was one of the few towns not under the control of Team Rocket in the Naoen region. This is where the selected, few trainers would be meeting. "And now we wait," he mumbled to himself. He pulled out his...
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    Rise of the Clones (O/A)

    (This is my first RP as a GM on Bulbagarden. I have had plenty experience on GaiaOnline, so I am not a noob.) Plot Recently Team Rocket has been experimenting with genetics and have reattempted cloning. They have managed to create cloned pokemon with enhanced strength and abilities. They...
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    Favorite Pokemon Theories

    Everyone's seen them on the internet, heard them from friends, or just came up with them to fill holes in the series. My favorite theory is that cubones are a baby kangaskhan whose mother died in soon after the child was born. The baby would take the mothers skull and wear it as a helmet.