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    Need more gifs...

    Now that BW is coming out and my team is fully planned, I need another gif like the one in my sig. However, I also need that one to be altered since Drake appears to be standing or hovering. Once again, I have the frames ready with transparency and all, so I just need them to be animated. GIF...
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    Banned active users with no posts or blog entries?!

    This is the weirdest ban I've ever seen: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/member.php?u=44255 This user is active (if you hurry up and see), has no posts or blog entries, and is banned. I'll be referring to the user as "it" to make stuff simple. So I have a load of questions: 1. How exactly did...
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    Try to find your first post!! (INSTRUCTIONS ADDED)

    This is a real challenge!! At least describe your first post if you can't find it, but try to quote it. I found mine, here it is: It's so awesome to see my first post over a year later! If I wouldn't have ventured out of the new Trade Station I would probably have left already and have only...
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    What does IIRC mean?

    Title says it all. Poison Master did something similar, so I'm guessing it's not against the rules. Anyway, can someone please help me?
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    IW's Supersprites (Closed for now, back after a long time!!!)

    Yep. Imma back in the sprite shop world. My last shop, only for VS sprites, was closed down due to me being too busy. Ironically, this opened up because I'm too bored. Now, I have a huge variety of sprites so I don't get tired of the same thing. So here it goes! Supersprites Shop...
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    What type best describes you?

    I think for me it's the Grass type. I ALWAYS use one on my team, and I'm calm and love nature. Although I can get aggressive at times, and I'm athletic. Wait... I'M A BRELOOM!! w00t!
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    Where are you now?

    I´ve heard that many people use Bulbagarden at school or other places, so just post where you are posting this: like at home, school, work, etc. Right now I´m at my dad´s office.
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    GIFmaker, GIFmaker gift me a GIF

    I need someone to please animate these images. Please make them move at the speed of the original menu sprites, so that would be fast. Picture 1 Picture 2 I combined these due to the image limit in a sig. Please VM or PM me if you can do the job. Also, please retain the transparency.
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    2AS1 (Two As One)

    This is my fanfiction, where two different worlds mysteriously come together as one. However, this is no normal fanfiction. It includes sprites, some custom made by me. Be sure to give credit to IslandWalker. David, a 13-year-old 7th grader, accidentally combines two worlds together...
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    Post drop?

    It doesn't matter, but I'm curious. I was at about 1090 a week ago and now I'm at 1050. Just asking why, never happened to me before.
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    VERY weird error

    Someone please tell me if I accidentally press a button or if it is the damn 503s, but I got this error twice on Firefox. I downloaded it safely from the official Mozilla website. I am posting something in the Quick Reply box, and out of nowhere my screen darts to the top/bottom. I try to scroll...
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    Well... Never had one, so Wynaut?

    Yeah, VERY late intro. Hello, I am IslandWalker. I am 12 and love to draw, sprite, play Pokémon (duh), and play basketball. I have long hair which I like, and I'm pretty short from my age! Well, hello BMGFers, hope I have even MORE fun here!
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    What does your name mean?

    Well, you don't have to include your real name, but it is interesting to see what names mean. Mine means "he who supplants". Interestingly, it is of Hebrew origin. Note: If anyone wishes to talk about their (current) username, please post in this thread.
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    Best GTS trades

    As we all know, you can find VERY unreasonable trades on the GTS. With a bit of luck, these can be in your favor. Post your best GTS trades here. Given-Recieved Feebas-Mesprit UT Vespiquen-Rayquaza 83 Bayleef ♀-Kyogre ? Lunatone-Palkia 83 And the best ones (you can't beat my...
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    Welcome to IslandWalker's VS sprite shop! ████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████...