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  1. Prez

    Notice The Roleplaying Games Tour Guide

    The Roleplaying Games Tour Guide Hey guys! This is a guide that will hopefully explain and clarify the tiny nuances of the Roleplaying Games Section. It covers everything you may need to know about participating in a roleplay, along with numerous terms used by the members of the section. *...
  2. Prez

    Start Ups Repeat

    DAY ONE It was a blustery day in Clarion Heights, a fairly large beach town nestled alongside the ocean. A storm was to hit that night, and as such, the beaches were incredibly dangerous. Red flags lined the sandy shores, forbidding people from even thinking about jumping into the water. The...
  3. Prez

    Sign Ups Repeat

    Repeat Life is fairly boring. Day after day, it’s the same thing... you wake up, you work, you go home, and you sleep. You know, give or take. However, what would happen if each day was the exact same? More specifically, what if you had to repeat the same day… over and over? Literally...
  4. Prez

    Start Ups One True Hope

    One True Hope @Alolan Ninetales; @Yun; @Hanzo in Plain Sight; @Kana-chan; @Vanellope Von Schweetz; @WolfOwl; Larke was a large, bustling city nestled right beside the ocean. Many people lived there, and blissfully lived their long, dull lives without much of a problem. This was because the...
  5. Prez

    Sign Ups One True Hope [closed]

    In a world full of adversity and strife, believing in just a little bit of magic can help. No harm in it. After all, it’s everywhere. From fireworks in the sky... to the bright colors of leaves in the fall. It truthfully is everywhere; you can’t avoid it. Besides, how else would we explain how a...
  6. Prez

    Start Ups Wayward

    Making the leave from his car, Lucas Cho began to walk towards a tall, brick building. He was dressed in a light jacket, some skinny jeans, and a beanie. He sighed. Life as a college student in Eastwood City wasn't easy, and it wasn't much easier when the grading system was against you. Anatomy...
  7. Prez

    Sign Ups Wayward

    Earth is a pretty predictable place. The same routine happens every day, with very little changing. If something were to alter this routine, or just barely scrape the surface of what is accepted, what would occur? The possibilities are endless, and only time will tell. PLOT RULES POWERS...
  8. Prez

    Start Ups Assist Club: Seattle

    Wednesday, September 7th After a long summer flew by, it was time for the school year to begin again. It was a pleasant morning, not too hot or cold, and Seattle Tech was beginning to open its doors for their open house. It was a large, prestigious building with numerous sections to it. The...
  9. Prez

    Sign Ups Assist Club: Seattle [Sign Ups Temporarily Closed]

    Welcome to the Assist Club! Seattle Tech is a school with six leading branches: Science, Social Studies, Culinary, Art, Language, and Athletics. The campus is large, and it is a prestigious school only few get into. To get accepted, one must take a test to see if their intelligence up to par, as...
  10. Prez

    Start Ups Café Micah

    --- In the town where Café Micah made its business, there was also a small community college. To be blunt, there was nothing outstanding or spectacular about it at all. It had a small campus and most of the students were only there due to its low cost compared to other schools. Still a good...
  11. Prez

    Sign Ups Café Micah

    A small café sat on the corner of a huge, bustling town. Small shops lined up each street, and numerous people made their way to each one of these shops day after day. The town was considered a hotspot for social gatherings. Many birthdays, anniversaries, and other various festivities were...
  12. Prez

    Notice RPG DIRECTORY Version 3.0

    RPG DIRECTORY Version 3.0 As I’m sure many of you know, having people know about your roleplay could be the key to its success. About two years ago, the roleplaying section created the directory in order to organize each roleplay by which ones were accepting sign ups, which ones were currently...
  13. Prez

    TEEN: The Sinnoh Journey

    Lyrebird; Flaze; Scholar; Blake Belladonna; Heroic Sociopath; After a long, painful hour, I finished chapter one. Haha, have fun reading. Sinnoh Journey fic ------------------- I rolled out of my bed, quickly banging my arm on the night stand next to it. After cussing to myself, I...
  14. Prez

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

    So this would be the thread to talk about the different parts of the PMD game, Gates to Infinity. I for one love, love, love the PMD series. They have such amazing plots and each one manages to make me cry-- always. Now let's talk about GtI. The plot wasn't as awe inspiring as Explorers, but...
  15. Prez

    COMPLETE: In Our Free Time (Pokemon Special) (TEEN)

    Ok, I know PokeSpe isn't exactly popular around Bulbagarden evidenced by the inactive Manga and other media section (Please visit if you do enjoy any sort of Pokemon manga or other media). But you know, I really love PokeSpe and I really love writing about the characters. So, as long as one...
  16. Prez

    Why do you write fan fiction?

    Just as the title says, why do you write fan fiction? What strives and inspires you to continue to write about Pokemon, your ocs, or any other fandom? Why do you write? For me personally, I love to make people happy, or at least for people to get something out of my fan fiction. I want them to...
  17. Prez

    COMPLETE: Dreams (TEEN)

    I looked at him, my vision blurry from the constant flow of tears. His face appeared frozen in the constant state of despair, brown eyes blurry just the same as mine. Excitement for adventure was erased in place of desperation and loss. I wanted to tell him I would be okay, that we would be...
  18. Prez

    How do you eat your eggs?

    I honestly prefer over easy eggs, but keeping that yolk intact is so damn annoying! I also enjoy sunny side up and your generic omelette. Personally, I despise scrambled eggs. *unpopular opinion* How about you guys?
  19. Prez

    What is your favorite arc of PokeSpe?

    As we all know, Pokemon has a large variety of arcs which range from the Red and Blue arc all the way to the B2W2 arc. What I would like to know is which one is your personal favorite and why? I like the RSE arc and what the B2W2 looks like it will become. While RS had some generic and...
  20. Prez

    TEEN: Pokemon Special: Upon the 25th Battle

    **NOTICE** This fan fiction will be completely re-written. Due to laziness while writing on my part, I really want to clean up this fic and fix the mistakes I have made. The next update will be slow because not only will there be a new chapter, but the previous chapters will be cleaned up. Thank...