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  1. Elieson

    Mafia Everybody is a Different Type of Mafia Mafia [Cancelled]

    Good day, everybody! Apologies for the late start on this; the holiday season was a real nail-biter, and with my daughter just having her 9th Birthday, I am finally caught up to where I need to be. That said, I've got it all ready to go, so here we go, the official Bulbagarden's Elieson Presents...
  2. Elieson

    Mafia Everybody Has a Special Somebody Mafia Mafia [Night 2]

    Before I get carried away, please notice the poll for the game's anticipated start date. You can help decide. I've decided to announce my latest EiMM game by starting it off with the twist right at the top. Didn't expect that, did ya!? This game will have a lovely little twist, in that each...
  3. Elieson

    Mafia Roll your Role Mafia [Endgame]

    In the wide and wonderful world of The War Room, citizens new and old came to an agreement; it's 2018. It is time to try something new...something fresh...something exciting! You can't do that on an empty stomach though, now can you? Roll your Role Mafia is now upon us, so take this, your daily...
  4. Elieson

    Mafia Fire Emblem Heroes Mafia |[Endgame - Mafia Win]

    Welcome to the game that will totally be an accurate representation of the hit Nintendo mobile app, FIRE EMBLEM HEROES MAFIA! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2xezbMJSN0 Signups (Alive) Rocket Queen Lynched Day 4 | Cain; Town Cop Alolan Ninetales Endgamed | Lukas; Town Doctor...
  5. Elieson

    Mafia Everybody is Mafia Mafia 1.3: Obligatory Swimsuit Episode [Game Over]

    Before I get carried away, please notice the poll for the game's anticipated start date. You can help decide. The last big EiMM hit was the great Winter Summer Sequel. That was a hoot, right? Well, I've learned from my mista...-wait endeavors (because Elieson doesn't make mistakes), and I've...
  6. Elieson

    [Game Over] EiMM 1.2: TotCoEBMEftMwaDSM&MwaV:E3P3THS:BiA 2000

    Before I get carried away, please notice the poll for the game's anticipated start date. You can help decide. Every great movie needs to have a fantastic next-summer sequel. Little do you know, that this is a fact in the Mafia world, only we do it in the Winter. With that said, you've all been...
  7. Elieson

    Mafia it's Just A Mini-mafia | [EndGame]

    Since games with more than 9 people seem to never fill around these parts, I decided that we need tiny games to fill in the time gaps so people like us that have no life can enjoy wasting it away in mafia games. Coincidentially, iJAM will feature the latest and greatest ruleset, copypasted by...
  8. Elieson

    Mafia YuGiOh! | Battle City Finals Mafia | [Game Over]

    "Greetings duelists. Welcome to the town of Domino. But more importantly, welcome to my tournament, elite duelists. I've added special rules to my tournament, just for experts. For example, you will duel using these new, improved Duel Disks. Another new rule that I designed for the...
  9. Elieson

    Mafia I Can't Believe It's Not War Room Mafia Mafia [Game Over]

    Ladies and Nonladies, It's not War Room Mafia Mafia! I know, right?! Sink your teeth into I Can't Believe It's Not War Room Mafia Mafia! Welcome to the 8th episode of War Room Mafia! If you're unfamiliar with the series, as I totally was until WRM7, enjoy some re-reads like I did! WRM1 -...
  10. Elieson

    Mafia Everybody is Lazy Mafia 1.1 - [Game Over]

    WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF AGAIN? WAIT, DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT TO JOIN THIS? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF? Welcome to Everyone is Mafia Mafia! Base Rules (shamelessly copy-pasted from The First EiMM): In this game, everyone submits an Alias. They will go by that for the purpose of...
  11. Elieson

    Mafia Everybody is Mafia Mafia 1.0 - [Completed]

    EVER WANTED TO BE A BULLETPROOF INFINITE-SHOT VIG? EVER WANTED TO JUST PICK YOUR OWN TEAM AND WIN? EVER WANTED TO JUST KILL EVERYBODY? WELL, NOW'S YOUR CHANCE! Welcome to Everyone is Mafia Mafia! Base Rules: In this game, everyone submits an Alias. They will go by that for the purpose of...
  12. Elieson

    Mafia Super War Room Mafia Mafia [End]

    Ladies and Nonladies, welcome to Super War Room Mafia Mafia A.k.a. War Room Mafia 6.5 Apparently this is the 7th to exist, so enjoy some re-reads like I did WRM1 - WRM2 - WRM3 - WRM4 - WRM5 - WRM6 Signups (Living Players): TheCapsFan Mariowie Kakashi Hatake Dead Players: leetic |...
  13. Elieson

    Is there something up with the Forum/Subforum mod list?

    I'm in the game room and I see... Unless there's 2 Paperhorses, two Kakuna Matata's etc...this just doesn't feel right.
  14. Elieson

    Mafia My Little Pony: Friendship is Mafia: {Game Over| Mafia is Magic}

    Cheesy pic because I'm lactose intolerant. I spent a long time on this ok!! This game is sponsored by Disney World. Don't believe me? Some guy on the street selling pretzels said it was ok to say that. I have his signature on a napkin to prove it. ANYWAY Signups (Players): @AussieEevee...
  15. Elieson

    New Forum and Skins...incoming?

    Noticed that the forum uses an...interesting skin choice. For those of us who prefer other skins (I used v/bulbagarden myself), when will those become available? P.S. I did read the notice on the other site, which is why I'm more asking for an ETA rather than a "HAY MOD PLZ DO KTHX"
  16. Elieson

    You're all gay, but it's ok, because I'm gay too

    I'm Elieson I'm here for the mafia I'm here for the ...fuck, what rhymes with mafia and Elieson...uhhh Damnit Elie, think with your bra-oh right. SHUT YOUR FACE HOLE, YOU DOLT! I DIDN'T ASK YOU I ASKED MYSELF! Darn it! I lost my train of thought! Uhh, song's done. Still, a fine...