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    Axle Helios' Music

    So over in the musical side of my life, I go by the name DJ Vu, (Clever, right? No? Okay.) and I've made some stuff you should definitely check out if you're into all that EDM trancey housey stuff. Or even if you're not, you should still check it out, cos I'll still get ad money. :D I'm over on...
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    Haven't been around for a while.

    Hey. It's Axle Helios. I'm back. You probably don't remember me. But anyway, I haven't been here for a while, so what's new? What's changed? What goin' on?
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    In Which I Show You My Musics

    Music, it's art. To be more specific, it's a type of art I'm mildly decent at. I see the way you're looking at me. I know what you want. You want your ears graced by such amazingness as the mildly decent music I have made. Well today, good sir, is your lucky day. For today is the day that you...
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    Axle's Amazing Art of Alliterative Awesomeness

    Yeah, I'm not actually going to alliterate the whole time... First up is my avatar, Floyd. Floyd is what you might call an OC, but without the whole personality, backstory, or dialogue. In other words, he's a picture. Floyd is too good for such frivolities as a nose or eyebrows, and no that...
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    Contest The Randomised Contest III (Glaceon vs Machamp)

    Two time winner Glaceon faces its next random challenger, Number 68, it's... VS
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    Contest The Randomised Contest II (Glaceon vs Bulbasaur)

    Last weeks winner was Glaceon, so this week it faces... Pokémon number 1.* VS *The National Dex number was chosen at random by random.org. It was in no way on purpose that two Pokémon in the same family played two weeks in a row.
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    Contest The Randomised Contest I (Venusaur vs Glaceon)

    So, using random.org I've chosen 2 numbers between 0 and 493. Those numbers were 3 and 471. So... VS
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    'View First Unread' Problem

    I've found a very interesting bug. When I click 'View First Unread' in 'Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)' it goes to this post on 'Who do you ship Barry with?' Interestingly, both the thread number and post number are 2125996. (I don't know of anything significant...
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    Think about it. Kanto's been in every generation. It was in every Gen I game, Gold & Silver, FireRed & LeafGreen and HeartGold & SoulSilver. If Gen V doesn't have Kanto in any of its games, it will break a pattern in every generation of the franchise. But with Black & White probably in a...
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    I can't change my name

    Okay, so I change my name from Axle Helios to a Soviet-ised version of it for April Fools, and have just gotten around to changing it back. In the New Username box, I put in Axle Helios, but it said that the name is already in use. I did a Username Search for Axle Helios, and it said it was an...
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    A Very Unlikely Suggestion

    What's the point of having both a Rock and a Ground-type? Wouldn't it make more sense (Pokémon world, not competitively) to merge them into one type?
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    The (Un)official Nickname My Pokémon Thread

    The name should explain it all, but in case it didn't, one person posts their Pokémon, and some information about it if they want, and everyone else suggests names for it. I guess I should start. Help me name my Ludicolo.
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    The Poképolls

    Every week, on Tuesday, I will use random.org to generate two numbers between 1 and 493. I will then use these two Pokédex numbers to choose the two Pokémon that will battle it out that week to be... the better Pokémon. If I don't update the two Pokémon by 00.00 UTC on Wednesday, someone...
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    Pokémon in 3D?

    If Gen V follows the pattern of every other generation, it will be on the new Nintendo handheld, the 3DS; if the 3DS follows the pattern of every handheld, it'll have the same processing power of a GameCube. Both of these point to one thing, Gen V will be in 3D. With the main feature of the...
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    Idea from Gizmodo's #whitenoise. Okay, I guess I'm meant to start. Pikachu is electric.
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    Mah Sprahtes

    Hey, you wanna see some sprites? No, do you really wanna see them? Well it'll cost ya. Wait! Come back! I was just jokin'... Seriously, they're free! Definitely! Well, here they are, enjoy. Mah Rahcolours Clicky here for 'em. Mah Dahvamps Quagsire (Pt→I) Mah Lahnless...
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    The Poképolls

    Basically, every week on Saturday, I post two Pokémon (chosen at random by using Random.org on their Pokédex numbers. You leave a comment saying which is better and, optionally, why. Whichever one has more votes by the next Staurday goes up against another random Pokémon. If I haven't...
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    Say a stupid answer, get a stupid question

    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer? Puh-lease. In this, you post the answer, and the next poster gives the question it answered. Example: Player 1: Magikarp Player 2: What is the hardcorest Pokémon? Ugly Player 3: What is Player 2? etc. So, I'll start with the classic...
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    The Rules of the Game

    Usually, one of these threads starts with the rules of the game, but this one doesn't work that way... in this game, you make up a game by playing it... basically, each post has one rule of the game that we make up as we go along... e.g. Person 1: 16) If you drop the ball, the other team...
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    An error when editing posts.

    Very small, but still. When you edit a post, where it should say 'Save' it says 'Vote Now'. This is probably vBulletin's fault, but just a heads-up.