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  1. JohtoMotto

    Hi again!

    Hi, i'm JohtoMotto. Been a long time member since 2010 but lost interest. I used to frequent these pages daily, running a trade shop, talking to friends etc etc. I used to operate under the names Surferboy, Eonmaster and Wet N Wild with a Brawly avatar. (If anyone recognizes me, please say hi)...
  2. JohtoMotto

    GEN VI: A 5IV Shiny

    It doesn't really matter which pokemon it is as long as I like it. Willing to offer 200BP for one. Or 4 48 BP items.
  3. JohtoMotto

    5IV Quiet Snover

    FC is: 3840-6649-9157 The Snover are quiet natured with a 31/31/31/31/31/xx/ spread. Looking for just about anything.
  4. JohtoMotto

    Quick and Efficient EV Training!

    Hey guys, thought I'd offer my services in training your little pokemon up to be strong. Just let me know what you want trained and the spread and I'll get it done as quick as I can. As for payment I'll take pretty much anything reasonable whether it be 5IV's, shinys, breeding scraps, items...
  5. JohtoMotto

    5IV Gastly breeding pair with disable

    FC is: 3840-6649-9157 The gastlys are modest with the egg move disable. 31/xx/31/31/31/31. Open to offers, not looking for anything in particular.
  6. JohtoMotto

    31/31/31/xx/31/31Dratini and Gibles.

    Have these near perfect pokemon to trade, 1 Adamant Dratini and 2 Jolly Gibles, gibles have iron head and outrage, all pokemon are female. Looking for other five IV pokemon. Also have a shiny Corsola if anyone wants to buy it.
  7. JohtoMotto

    GEN VI: Solar Power Charmanders

    Need a Charmander or someone with charmeleon in friend safari. I can give a chlorophyll bulbasaur.
  8. JohtoMotto

    Fight my team that has no synergy!

    Quick match anyone? No tiers or anything. Just random pokemon! Fc is in sig.
  9. JohtoMotto

    Chlorophyll Bulbasaurs

    I have 25 of these bulbasaurs. Frankly im pretty much giving them away. It would be nice if someone gave me some other hidden ability pokemon. But I don't really care. Oh and if someone has a squirtle I NEED ONE. FC is down in sig.
  10. JohtoMotto

    GEN VI: Perfect/Near Perfect Ditto

    Just want a ditto with near perfect IV's for breeding purposes. Im willing to pay a Shiny Corsola holding a 48bp item of your choice.
  11. JohtoMotto

    Welcome back?

    I thought I should re-introduce myself seeing as it's been since last year that I was a very avid poster. Hiya guys, My name is Surferboy. Avid fan of pokemon, been playing since I was 4. Doubt many people would remember me, besides a couple of close friends. So re-introducing myself. Hi all!
  12. JohtoMotto

    Best music on a Route?

    So everybody knows what routes are, the little roads that take you inbetween towns and other places. Each route has it's own little unique melody. What is your favourite melody? Mine by far would be Route 209- Route 222 in Diamond/Pearl. The melody is just such a nice melody, really helps...
  13. JohtoMotto

    Did you ever cry in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games?

    People who have played them will know what im talking about :3 So have you done it? I did. In Blue. And Darkness. Haven't played the others. If you have what made you cry?
  14. JohtoMotto

    Best line used in the anime?

    So you heard me. What is the best line anyone has ever said in the anime? For me I think it was a song lyric from a song off pikachu's jukebox. It was "Good luck with Muk and its Poison Gas, Make one wrong move and it'll kick your grass..." Epic lol moment :3 So what is your...
  15. JohtoMotto

    Red and Blue movesets SUCK!

    Hey everybody, it's Surferboy here and I just recently restarted pokemon stadium :-D This game is so much harder than the other games I have played mainly because of the fact you can't get some great moves on your pokemon (like flamethrower:bheart:) So I ask the question. What are some of...
  16. JohtoMotto

    Cheapest In-Game Moveset?

    So everybody knows there are some cheap moveset combo's. Mind Reader + Sheer Cold... Toxic + Protect... Encore + Torment... So I ask you. What is the cheapest moveset you have ever encountered? Here's one that a Walrein used on me in the Battle Subway. Rest Sleep Talk Fissure...
  17. JohtoMotto

    How did N beat the league champion?

    Seriously what? I have no idea what happened there. N's pokemon were only level 50 while when we take on the champ he's at level 75? I had no idea what happened there. If the champ had a weaker team, why was this not explained earlier? Someone please explain.
  18. JohtoMotto

    Sketches Of My Pokemon White Team.

    Hello there. I have recently gotten pokemon white and im loving it. Im starting to sketch pokemon on my white team. I only have one picture drawn right now but im currently drawing so bear with me :3 So... What do you think?:sweatlol:
  19. JohtoMotto

    Change A Dex Entry.

    So I thought this was a fun idea. Change around a pokemons dex entry. Here's an example: Sharpedo the Brutal Pokemon. Its fangs rip through sheet iron. It swims at 75 mph and is known as "The Bully of the Sea." Redone? Sharpedo the Nurse Shark Pokemon. It swims around the sea...
  20. JohtoMotto

    Pictures won't upload?

    Hey everybody. I am trying to put more pics in my drawings album but it won't let me. Every time I try it says upload of file failed. Umm help?